Baby Pens Report

After the Pens very dissappointing shooting performence last night, and not to say at all that any changes will be made in terms of callups, I just wanted to let people know about some young guys in the minors.


Now I will talk about some prospects down at Wilkes-Barre. Since I can't watch any minor league Pens games from Pittsburgh, I tend to follow the Wilkes-Barre Scranton website or watch highlights from the web to keep track of the team. After the Pens 8-4 loss in the home and season openor vs. Hersey, they picked up a W vs. the Philly Phantoms last night, during about the same time the Big Pens were playing. Here is what a some prospects have done in two games since being sent down to WBS:

Janne Pesonen- probably the most highly touted guy down there, has picked up two assists and a plus 2 rating, with 3 shots. He seems to be adjusting nicely to the ice. Though,this goes for all the reviews, obviously, it is way too early to say. I would expect him to get a call-up sometime soon.

Jeff Taffe- Just sent down there, picked up two assists in his first game and will always be ready for a callup if needed.

Ryan Stone- Remember this name. He was mad about being sent down, and showed it by netting 2 goals and 1 assist in the opener. This might be a make-or-break type season for him and I expect a mid-season callup for him. I might be wrong, but he is a gritty, scrappy guy who might help later in the year.

Chris Minard- He is a sniper who has 2 goals and 2 assists so far and played about 15 games last year for the Pittsburgh Pens. He brings solid checking, and an all around game to the team. He can fill in if needed.

Connor James-  I like his game, FrankD knows this. He is a speedy guy who though undersized, seems to really play hard on penalty kill and in general. He played in 13 games on seperate callups last year and actually had a goal vs. the Islanders. He has a goal and an assist so far for WBS and hopefully gets a chance wiht the big Pens.

Others: Jonathan Filewich- 1 goal in 2 games- Aaron Boogaard-9 penalty mins. might be a year away from contributing.- Ben Lovejoy- 1 goal-1 assist- most llikely first defenseman on the callup list, but hopefully not needed. Dustin Jeffrey and Luca Caputi will likely spend all year in WBS. Jeffrey has 1 goal, Caputi has 1 assist.

Now thats all I really found as of now, but like I said only two games into the minor season, way too early to tell. Some new guys may step up. I am hoping that there is no need for these guys because of injury, but its hockey and every team has a few callups during a season. Hopefully two or three of these guys can step in at some point this year for either a minor injury or just to test them out. Thoughts???                      Sorry for length!

The content expressed in fanposts does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff here at FanPosts are opinions expressed by fans of various teams throughout the league but may be more Pittsburgh-centric for obvious reasons.

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