Crashing the Net - Back from a breakdown edition

Did you have time to sleep off the weekend?  I sure as hell did.  Nothing better than putting that Rangers game behind us.

Christy from Winging it in Motown, SBN's Detroit Red Wings blog, shot me a few questions last week regarding the development of Pensburgh.  How I became a fan of the Pens and started this blog are just a few of the questions asked.  For the entire interview, shoot over to Winging it in Motown.  I'm actually interested in how you guys and girls became fans.  Feel free to share.

When the Pens got rid of Georges Laraque, there were no doubt a huge set of mitts to fill.  If you've been watching any of the games this season then you know Eric Godard is making a run for the position as head enforcer.  Michel Therrien is slowly but surely developing into a Godard fan:

"I knew he was a good player for his role.  I'm starting to trust his game. ... It's not one shift. It's game after game. I want to see how he's going to reach, and right now, he's passing the test."

Michel Therrien

Remember when Geraldo was chastised by the media for drawing coordinates of his "secret mission" in the sand for the TV networks?  That's kinda how I felt when I read this piece of Kris Letang's shootout approach:

"I should do my move quicker and get it high quicker.  Of course, I'm going to try some other stuff, but you have to analyze the goalie every time. A lot of them give you the backhander, so if you can get it high quick, it usually works. But maybe I'm going to start mixing it up."

Kris Letang

Mixing it up would be a good idea.  He was lights out in the shootout last season, so we all know the skill is there.  Now it's just a matter of him getting away from that deke left, deke right, leg lift, backhand high shot.

Dayna from The Offseason Blog, much like everyone of us, is growing tired of the "Staals are brothers" coverage.  We know, we get it.  Shut up. 

Unfortunately there is another brother that is on his way to the NHL soon.  Just what we need - another team with another Staal.

The Steel City Sports Fan has a ton of pictures up of the trip to Sweden.  I know those two games are from about a month ago, but you really have to check out some of these shots.  Awesome stuff.

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