Mike Langeisms

If you've ever listened to a WXDX broadcast of the game then you've no doubt listened to one of the best play-by-play announcers on the market.  Mike Lange's gritty voice has the timbre of a man who has smoked 20 packs of cigarettes and gargled whiskey every day since he was born.  His voice is unreal and exceptionally suiting for a game's broadcast.  He is also one of the purveyors in some of the oddest and most bizarre sayings known to man.

As mentioned in the recent recap, I had the mixed pleasure/disdain of having to listen to the recent match on the radio.  I say pleasure only because Mike Lange's voice and mannerisms are what keeps the broadcast entertaining.  On the contrary, I say disdain because you want to actually see a Flyers vs Pens contest.  Either way, I thought I'd share some of the Langeisms from yesterday's broadcast.

Sykora's goal at 16:20 in the 1st
"He shoots and scores from 35 feet.  Petr Sykora ties it for the Penguins.  Ah you ain't nothin' but a hound dog...

Gonchar's goal at :38 in the 2nd
"Gonchar snapped the shot from 55 feet.  And it gets by Biron, the Penguins lead 2-1.  And Donna needs a donut."

Malkin's goal at 18:43 in the 2nd
Shooting and scoring from 25 and the Penguins have a 3-1 lead.  I'll never teach a pig to sing."

Letang's goal at 12:14 in the 3rd
In walks Letang, fires and scores.  Kris Letang setup by Malkin, and the Penguins lead 4-2.  And she wants to sell my monkey."

Does anyone else have any fond memories of, perhaps, even some favorites quote from Lange?

Also, if you haven't viewed it already, Dunman has his input on the Ruutu vs Downie fight.  Check it out here

I'm also trying to compile, as per a past brainstorm with PensKorn66, a collection of videos in which we can all monitor the progress of Malkin's English lessons.  If you have videos of Malkin speaking (post-games, pre-game, etc.) then post it up on here so we can get a nice collection going.

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