Pittsburgh's Playoff Considerations

Well the Rangers smacked down the Devils for yet another elimination for the first round of the playoffs.  Not only did New Jersey play like Ottawa, but New York actually managed to score a few goals in the process.  I know, it's hard to imagine that this Rangers team, dismissed earlier in the season for their poor offensive production, has made it into the second round of the playoffs.  Whatever - Lundqvist is the only reason for where they are.

However, this now opens up a few considerations.

The All-Staal Game
Could it be?  Will both Staal brothers face one another in something other than regular season?  One of the three NHL brothers has already claimed a cup to his name - but in this case it's a first name sort of thing.  While the Rangers aren't known for their lamp lighting abilities, their offensive numbers against the Devils was nothing short of impressive.  The Rangers scored 4-2-3-5-5 goals in each game, respectively.  This can mean a lot to the Pittsburgh Penguins should the Rangers come to town in the next round.

The outlook seems bleak but until elimination the chance is always there.  It would definitely be the NHL's ratings blockbuster hit of the post-season.  Christobal Huet is simply unreal in between the pipes.  The Flyers tested him all over the cage Thursday night in Philly and Huet came up big in net to keep it tied at three in double overtime.  However it was his offense's inability to help him out that halted the much deserved win.

Battle of PA
It's not going to happen in the next round, but still worth mentioning.  The Pens have never won a playoff series against the Flyers.  NEVER.  Keep that in mind as these two teams come closer to playing one another as the playoffs wear on.  For those who may not remember, Keith Primeau was the last to seal that deal with his goal in the fifth overtime.  However, you can bet your pads that it would still be one hell of a series; especially when you consider it last took them over 2 1/2 games' worth of hockey to settle  it in one night.

Couldn't come up with a clever title.  Anyways...
If Boston plays like they did the other night against Montreal this is still a feasible option.  The Penguins posted a 2-2 regular season record against the boys from Beantown, taking the first two before losing the second half to close out the season.  Expect this to be a boring series should it come into play, as Boston is known more for their neutral zone trap than any other aspect.  Ideally, this is who I'd like to see the Pens play.  Even still, I know for a fact it would be a snoozefest.

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