Quoted Quotables

Isn't that normally a staple Jeopardy topic or something?  In any case, with all of the media predictions, expert analysis and overall hype, I wanted to see what I could find from the words of the players themselves.


On Fleury

"Marc-Andre Fleury has been phenomenal for us.  Any team that wants to have success in the playoffs, the No. 1 thing has got to be your goalie.”

Michel Therrien

“Before I got injured I had four wins in a row so it was starting to get better, when I came back the team was playing very well and that’s the big reason why we’ve been winning so much."

Marc-Andre Fleury

“I feel very confident that Flower’s in the net and I know he’s going to make the save, and even if I make a mistake he’s going to make that save for me and the team.”

Petr Sykora

On the anticipation of Game 1

“I feel that group has a lot of excitement. It’s the same thing for the coaches; I’m not nervous. We can’t wait to start. We’re ready to play.”

Michel Therrien

“We play our game, they do whatever they do.  There’s no reason to change things. They may change but we don’t worry about their system too much. We’re not going to match things to the way they play.”

Jarkko Ruutu

“We can’t control the fact (the Red Wings are more experienced).  We’ve gotten here and I don’t think we want to let age or anything else change the way we play or the way we think about our opponent. They’re a great team, no doubt, but we have a lot of confidence in our group, whether we’re young or older or whatever.”

Sidney Crosby

On opening the series in Detroit

“Yes, it’s going to be a challenge.  But it’s still hockey, we played and won on the road against Philadelphia, the Rangers in the Garden, tough buildings. The objective is to try to get both (road games), but you want to get away with at least one and we’re going to focus on that.”

Max Talbot

“Whether we start there or play (Games) 3 and 4 there, the road has been a good environment for us.  Everything is done together as a team, the focus always seems to be there, we simplify things. We don’t mind playing on the road and have done a good job of playing on the road.”

Sidney Crosby

On Lidstrom

“He’s always pretty much in a perfect position.  He’s probably one of the greatest defensemen ever to play the game.”

Sergei Gonchar


  • Craig Patrick feature on the '90s-era Pens team
  • Fred Shero talks about growing up a fan/member of the Flyers office
  • Number nerds will like this - practically every number for every stat surrounding the two teams
  • Awesome piece of Steel City vs Motor City, complete with a list of players who have worn both uniforms
  • Zetterberg
  • If you know nothing about Joe Louis Arena (like myself) you can read this and pretend you're a regular


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