Crashing the Net

ESPN experts say Detroit is 12-0 in Game 6 meetings since 1996. [EDIT : apparently not entirely accurate]

[EDIT 2 : When the Wings have had a 3-2 lead going into the 6th game, they’ve closed it out every time since 1996 - thanks to user ahtrap]

But the experts also said Pittsburgh was 19-0 at home since February up until they lost Game 4.

Is Detroit's record vulnerable now when you consider how Pitt's didn't hold up?



"There is one factor that I believe to be true, the momentum is now squarely on the Penguins’ side of the ice."

Tony Ferrante - Confluence of the Three Rivers

"That was easily the highlight of our hockey-watching lives. We watched the four overtime game against the Capitals in 1996 and the five overtime game against the Flyers in 2000 on television. Those were memorable experiences, but they both pale in being able to witness Game 5 of a Stanley Cup final in person."

Empty Netters

"Detroit's big red machine no longer looks quite so invincible."

Ron Cook - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“I was just praying for blood.  I skated up the ice going, ‘God, I hope I’m bleeding.’ ”

Rob Scuderi - Yahoo

“It’s the longest game I’ve played.  And the most tired one. But also the most satisfying one.”

Marc-Andre Fleury - Yahoo

“We heard all the plans, the parade, the celebrations, how they were flying their families in here.  It rubs you the wrong way.”

Brooks Orpik

“I had one slice of pizza.  I think it was pepperoni.”

“Little Caesars,” Ruutu smiled, knowing that’s Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch’s chain.

Jarkko Ruutu - Yahoo

"Fleury was, simply put, the best player on the ice last night."

Greg Whyshynski - PuckDaddy

“Obviously, the game was still on. I want to help the guys.  Start feeling better at the end of the second overtime. … I knew we were going to come back. We had the power play, and we scored.”

Sergei Gonchar




"If you ask (Wayne) Gretzky, I gave it to Gretzky pretty good because he was flopping around.  I gave it to Mario (Lemieux), and I tried to tell Crosby what's going on. Mario was diving all over the place, and he embarrassed the referees, and after a while they wouldn't call anything against him.  That's all I tried to do with Crosby. I tried to teach him that, and not to yap at the referee, and he's doesn't do it anymore. But it's too late."

Don Cherry - forgetting he coached the Bruins to two Stanley Cup Finals eliminations

Calgary Sun

"I don't think anyone really watches hockey anymore."

Tiger Woods - forgetting hockey players play HIS "sport" in the offseason


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