Pens Revamp Top PP Unit

Pens website: "In an attempt to get more production from one of the few weak areas of their game, the Penguins moved Malkin from the goal line on the right-side boards to the left point in place of Alex Goligoski and next to Sergei Gonchar. Sidney Crosby kept his spot floating up and down the left side while Chris Kunitz and Matt Cooke rotated with Bill Guerin down low. "|PIT|home

I like this idea simply because, with 87 and 71 on two sides, our PP isn't so easy to kill. It should open up some space for the superstars to work.
I just hope they try this unit for a few games and not go back to the old system if we go 0-5 against Philly.

Although I'm up for any change right now (because, lets face it, we desperately needed to change something about the PP), if it were me....

I would keep GoGo on the left point because it seems like we've been giving up a few too many shorthanded chances the past few games and a D men on the point would, obviously, be helpful. My logic is this:

I thought about Crosby on the point because 1) he's been the shooter this season 2) seems more comfortable taking a shot from longer distances 3) he's a better back checker than Malkin. But, Malkin has the more proven shot and takes better slappers, plus Crosby's ability to battle along the boards is more valuable to the PP than his slap-shot. So I came to the conclusion that Malkin and Crosby's Pros and Cons on the point both cancel each other out, and kept GoGo there for his D and puck distribution.

I think we should put Geno on the left side (even though he's a left handed shot) and let Rupp/TK/Cooke (I vote for Rupp) cause havoc in front of the net. I seconded guessed myself on Geno's position because, from the left side, he would probably pass to Gonch or Crosby and the East-West pass would be dangerous. However, with the attention that Rupp would demand in front of the net, the attention Geno or Crosby would generate when they have the puck would basically be what they deal with, when they're boxed in by the opposition at even strength, on any given night.

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