The ballad of Mr. June: When Max Talbot becomes a superstar

Fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins are well acquainted with a commercial from a car dealership that runs pretty much non-stop all season long on FSN Pittsburgh.  In it, Maxime Talbot introduces himself to a receptionist as "Superstar" a play off of last season's commercial.

When spring begins to turn into summer and the calendar hits June a funny thing happens and Talbot actually does become the superstar.  Baseball has long had their "Mr October" for Reggie Jackson, a star who cemented his legacy by hitting 10 home runs and batting .357 in 27 World Series games. 

Consider since the lockout season June goal scoring (all players have 3 games unless otherwise noted):

Fernando Pisani [EDM] 5 goals, 1 assist (7 games)
Daniel Alfredsson [OTT] 4g, 0a
Andy McDonald [ANA] 3g, 2a
Max Talbot [PIT] 3g, 0a, +4
Henrik Zetterberg [DET] 2g, 4a, +1
Corey Perry [ANA] 2g, 3a
Marian Hossa [PIT/DET] 2g, 2a, even
Cory Stillman [CAR] 2g, 7a (8 games)
Eric Staal [CAR] 2g, 6a (8 games)

(Evgeni Malkin, by the way, has 1 goal and 5 assists in the month of June.  Sidney Crosby's June career is 0g + 4a.)

A lot of names up there are guys who, well, are superstars and need to score for their team to win.  All of those players got a healthy amount of power-play time too, save for Talbot who almost never plays on the man-advantage.

Granted this is a limited sample size and some may not put much credence into the list.  But playing big in the post-season is nothing new for Talbot, who scored 44 points [14g, 30a] in 20 playoff games leading his team the Hull Olympiques to the QMJHL championship in 2002-03.  Talbot would win the Guy Lafleur Trophy for Most Valuable Player.  The following season (2003-04) Talbot scored 27 points [12g, 15a] in 15 games and was awarded the Lafleur Trophy again, becoming only the second man to win the trophy multiple times.

Superstars come in all shapes and sizes...The one thing they have in common is they come through when it counts.  When spring turns to summer, that's when it's Talbot's time.



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