Free agency and the Pens


The following is a couple of thoughts about the first few of days of free agency for the Pens.  I don’t know if I’m just expecting too much, but I expected the Pens to do a little better.  I’m not saying that the people they signed suck, but there is a loss, not a gain. I feel that there is a large void on defense, that I’m not sure they will be able to fill with the players they signed.  I guess free agents are not looking to win, they just want paid, and in this economy, can you blame them?   

We lost two starting defensemen that I have mixed feelings about it as follows……

Gill needed to go.  He was so slow back to the corner, and he looked almost afraid to hit people or clear out the front of the net.   I can’t believe the Montreal paid him 2.25 a year for two years.  His size is great, but I don’t feel that he has ever been shown how to fully use it….Go back to Canada you bum!!!!

 I expected to see Rob Scuderi go.  I think Rob really cemented his future with his performance over the entire playoffs.  I knew the Pen were not going to pay him that much a year.  They would not be able to afford it.  Four years, 13.6 million to go to Cali and play for the Kings sucks, but at least he will be paid decently.  I am not mad at Scuds.  It’s great to win, but you got to make that money before you can’t in sports.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  Rob might be able to help the Kings make the playoffs next year.  I hope so because they got all that young talent that needs to be shown when it counts, in the playoffs. 

Who the hell did they get to fill in for the two starters on defense?  I don’t know who they are and don’t get the moves by Ray Shero, but he has not disappointed in the past.  Yea they did it again.  They signed a local product, Nate Guenin to a one-year contract.  He played with Philly last season, but he only played one game in the NHL.  They are going to pay him 400,000 more dollars if he plays in the NHL.  What the hell does that mean?  They also signed Brian Strait for three years at entry-level contract.  He is 6-1, 205 lbs and has played the last three years for BU (Boston University).  He collected a total of 23 points in 111 games for BU.  It sounds like they got Scuderi’s replacement, but his future is unclear with the team.  Why are the Stanley cup champs putting these types of players potentially in front of the Flower?  Not sure if either one will play next year for the Pens in the NHL.  I expect to see both of them in the minors.   

Now to offense………..

I really like seeing Fedotenko come back for a reduced salary as well as Craig Adams.  They want to win another one and that’s great for us.  Both guys bring a lot of grit, hard work, and both seen to be clutch.  They both came up big this year in big games.   I now think that Fedotenko will play on the second line with Malkin and Talbot.  Sound like a pretty good line.

I don’t get the Mike Rupp deal.  Don’t you think the Pens have a large supply of players like Rupp.   Yea he is huge and can fight, but his skills are limited, and he is injury prone.  The Pens don’t have many LW’s, but this deal I don’t get. 

So far I think the Pens are not doing well to fill the holes left by free agents.  I hope they know something we don’t, because the roster doesn’t look to strong on paper.


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