Pensburgh Rotisserie league draft recap

Last night (for me at least), we held the live draft for our 12 man roto league, 9 we're there in person and 3 we're on auto draft (Team legowski, Team mackenzie and Shero's Heroes) . Many in the league we're drafting for the first time and so the most important question of the day was: ehm how do I draft someone? After that was sorted out we had a lot of fun but no soul (AO going first, Pronger and Hossa drafted early on). In this draft recap I'll give for each round my favourite pick and also what could be a headcase. I'll also give you my reasoning for my own pick each round and a general note on the round. Hope you enjoy it :)

The scoring categories are as follows:

Skating: G, A, +/-, PIM, GWG, SOG, PPP, SHP

Round: 1

(1) Michaleks Anonymous - Alex Ovechkin LW

(2) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Sidney Crosby C

(3) Boom. Bing. - Nicklas Backstrom C

** (4) Team van Zijl - Dany Heatley LW

(5) Shero's  Heroes - Steven Stamkos C

(6) Team MacKenzie - Henrik Sedin C

(7) Staals. Sod. - Alexander Semin LW

(8) Team legowski - Daniel Sedin LW

(9) Team Burger - Ryan Miller G

(10) Team Shrawder - Evgeni Malkin C

(11) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Rick Nash LW

(12) Varna Rusty Razors - Pavel Datsyuk C

Best pick: Malkin (10)

Geno is coming of a disappointing season but should come back into 100 point form, getting that at 10 is great value


Potential head case: Nash (11)

Nash has 40 goal potential and dual wing elegebility (meaning he can play on either wing giving you more flexebility on your roster) but has only once posted more than 70 points. He might be slightly underwhelming for a first round pick imho.


My own pick: Heatley (4)

This might be a bit of a reach but I picked him for multiple reasons: firstly he's a solid bet for 40-50 goals secondly he's a LW, one of the thinnest positions in fantasy hockey this year and he also has dual wing elegebility and I like that on my roster.


General thoughts:

Of the 12 picks 6 were centers and 5 LW, this is mostly because centers are the highest point producers in the league (the Art Ross trophy has been won by a center 4 of the last 5 years) and LW is a thin position, note also that 3 of the LW picked (Heatly, Semin and Nash) have dual wing elegebility. Miller sneaks in as the lone goalie this round.


Round: 2

(13) Varna Rusty Razors - Mike Green D

(14) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Duncan Keith D

(15) Team Shrawder - Roberto Luongo G

(16) Team Burger - Patrick Marleau C

(17) Team legowski - Zach Parise LW

(18) Staals. Sod. - Patrick Kane RW

(19) Team MacKenzie - Ilya Kovalchuk LW

(20) Shero's  Heroes - Bobby Ryan RW

** (21) Team van Zijl - Martin Brodeur G

(22) Boom. Bing. - Drew Doughty D

(23) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Henrik Lundqvist G

(24) Michaleks Anonymous - Marian Gaborik RW



Best pick: Parise (17)

Parise has a 45-90+ point season not too long ago and will play with Zajac and Kovalchuk this year, a return to that form seems likely and will make this pick look very good.


Potential head case: Gaborik (24)

If Gaborik remains healthy this will be a great pick, but in his career that is a rather big if.


My own pick: Brodeur (21)

Brodeur may be fat and getting old he still gets it done in the regular season, until he starts showing something else  expect 40 wins and decent sv% and GAA from him, plus he's still the best workhouse goalie in the league.


General thoughts:

The big 3 on D and some RW go off the board this round together with the best workhouse goalies in the league, clearly a lot of people start looking to balance their roster after a forward filled first round.



Round: 3

(25) Michaleks Anonymous - Chris Pronger D

(26) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Zdeno Chara D

(27) Boom. Bing. - Brad Richards C

** (28) Team van Zijl - Dan Boyle D

(29) Shero's  Heroes - Jarome Iginla RW

(30) Team MacKenzie - Eric Staal C

(31) Staals. Sod. - Jonathan Toews C

(32) Team legowski - Jeff Carter C

(33) Team Burger - Johan Franzen C

(34) Team Shrawder - Corey Perry RW

(35) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Anze Kopitar C

(36) Varna Rusty Razors - Ryan Getzlaf C


Best pick: Getzlaf (36)

Getlaf had 94 points two seasons ago but got injured last year, he still had 69 points, look for him to return to 90 point form and make this a great pick for the 3rd round.


Potential head case: Pronger (25)

Here we really started to lose our souls, I  also think that after dragging Philly to the finals singlehandedly at his age he will be worn down this season, and i think his stats might suffer for it.


My own pick: Boyle (28)

I already have a F and a G at this point so now I looked to draft a D and Boyle was the best on the board,  a proven PP quarterback with some great forwards in front of him.


Genral thoughts:

We're back to drafting C this round, it also shows how deep this position is, with Kopitar and Getlaf going this late.

the supply of very good LW has also run out and so they were not drafted in this round in favor of C and RW.


Round: 4

(37) Varna Rusty Razors - Tuukka Rask G

(38) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Henrik Zetterberg LW

(39) Team Shrawder - Joe Thornton C

(40) Team Burger - Martin St. Louis RW

(41) Team legowski - Mike Richards C

(42) Staals. Sod. - Tomas Vokoun G

(43) Team MacKenzie - Jimmy Howard G

(44) Shero's  Heroes - Lubomir Visnovsky D

** (45) Team van Zijl - Marian Hossa RW

(46) Boom. Bing. - Phil Kessel RW

(47) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Nathan Horton RW

(48) Michaleks Anonymous - Christian Ehrhoff D


Best pick: Kessel (46)

Kessel had 30 goals in 70 games on a dreadful Leafs offense last year, while their offense still does not look intimidating this year it should improve and so should his goal totals.


Potential head case: Howard (43)

Howard had a great rookie season but the sophomore curse can have a large effect on goalies (See Mason, Columbus)

If he has no sophomore slump Howard wil be a great fantasy player, but that's not set in stone.


My own pick: Hossa (45)

He was injured last year but he'll probably play a full season this year and if he does a 35-40 goal campaign on the less deep Blackhawks (so he'll be more counted on offensively) seems likely.


General thoughts:

A lot of good C and RW were still available this round and they will give their owners a great return for a 4th rounder, we also saw some young goalies going of the boards this round and their play can make or break their owners season.



Round: 5

(49) Michaleks Anonymous - Ilya Bryzgalov G

(50) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Patrik Elias LW

(51) Boom. Bing. - Sergei Gonchar D

** (52) Team van Zijl - Travis Zajac C

(53) Shero's  Heroes - Shea Weber D

(54) Team MacKenzie - Daniel Alfredsson RW

(55) Staals. Sod. - Patrick Sharp LW

(56) Team legowski - Paul Stastny C

(57) Team Burger - Mike Cammalleri LW

(58) Team Shrawder - John Tavares C

(59) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Chris Stewart RW

(60) Varna Rusty Razors - Loui Eriksson LW


Best pick: Weber (53)

Weber has 20 goal potential, the only other D that has that is Mike Green and maybe Doughty.


Potential head case: Stastny (56)

The Avalanche played above expectations last year and Statsny has had some injury troubles in the past.


My own pick: Zajac (52)

A pick I'm very happy with, Zajac will center Parise and Kovalchuk this year and I'm expecting a career year for him.

 I now have a C, LW, RW, D and G drafted and I like such balance in my top picks.


General thoughts:

A lot of veterans went off the board this round, you know what to expect from them but the injury risk (I'm looking in your direction Sarge) is bigger with those older players.


Round: 6

(61) Varna Rusty Razors - Patric Hornqvist RW

(62) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Niklas Backstrom G

(63) Team Shrawder - Marc-Andre Fleury G

(64) Team Burger - Alex Burrows LW

(65) Team legowski - Ryan Kesler C

(66) Staals. Sod. - Tyler Myers D

(67) Team MacKenzie - Dion Phaneuf D

(68) Shero's  Heroes - Craig Anderson G

** (69) Team van Zijl - Miikka Kiprusoff G

(70) Boom. Bing. - Ryan Smyth LW

(71) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Dustin Penner LW

(72) Michaleks Anonymous - Thomas Vanek LW



Best pick: Kesler (65)

Kesler has 70+ points potential especially now that it appears he will play on the first PP unit with the Sedins he also will contribute nicely in the PIM department.


Potential head case: Anderson (68)

Anderson stood on his head last year for the avs and I'm expecting a lower performance off him this year.


My own pick: Kiprusoff (69)

Miikka is a very underrated fantasy goalie : he can play 70+ games while keeping his stats very good, looking at his stats last year it's obvious the Flames offense was really, really horrible because he gave them every chance to win.


General thoughts:

Goalies continue to go of the board, we also reached the second tier LW.


Round: 7

(73) Michaleks Anonymous - Derek Roy C

(74) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Erik Johnson D

(75) Boom. Bing. - Tomas Plekanec C

** (76) Team van Zijl - Jaroslav Halak G

(77) Shero's  Heroes - Jason Spezza C

(78) Team MacKenzie - Marc Savard C

(79) Staals. Sod. - Matt Duchene C

(80) Team legowski - Mark Streit D

(81) Team Burger - Tomas Kaberle D

(82) Team Shrawder - Alex Tanguay LW

(83) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Cam Ward G

(84) Varna Rusty Razors - Marty Turco G



Best pick: Derek Roy (73)

In his last 4 sesons he had at least 40 assists and he could reach 30 goals aswel, thats great value for the 7th round. and again a sign of the depth at center.


Potential head case: Savard (78) and Streit (80)

Savard is literally a head case as he's struggeling with Post Concussion Syndrome and Streit is scheduled to return in febuary in the most optimistic of prognosis. These were both autopicks and shows why being there for the live draft is usually a good idea.


My own pick: Halak (76)

A lot of people think Halak started his insane play in the playoffs  and while he took his game to another level in the post season he still posted a .924 sv% on a otherwise very mediocre Canediens team. I now have my goalie tandem complete and I am quite happy with Brodeur, Kipper and Halak.


General thoughts:

Still lots of centers to be drafted this round filled mostly by G and D, Goalies are coming of the board fast at this time. And Justin (Michalek Anonymous) said: Oh sh*t we need two starting goalies.


Round: 8

(85) Varna Rusty Razors - Bryan McCabe D

(86) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Jason Pominville RW

(87) Team Shrawder - Jordan Eberle C

(88) Team Burger - Mikko Koivu C

(89) Team legowski - Ales Hemsky RW

(90) Staals. Sod. - Jordan Staal C

(91) Team MacKenzie - Derick Brassard C

(92) Shero's  Heroes - Wojtek Wolski LW

** (93) Team van Zijl - Nicklas Lidstrom D

(94) Boom. Bing. - Pekka Rinne G

(95) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Carey Price G

(96) Michaleks Anonymous - Jonas Hiller G



Best pick: Koivu (88)

Theundisputed offensive leader of the wild had 70 points ona team that can not be worse offensively the coming season.


Potential head case: Hemsky (89)

Not only does Hemsky play for the craptastic Oilers, he struggled with injuries last season.


My own pick: Lidstrom (93)

Lidstrom is still an elite puck moving defensman and had 9 goals with a below shooting %, great pick for 93.


General thoughts:

A very mixed bag of picks with a late run on goalies starting at the end (the first pick of the next round is a G aswel giving Justin his 3 goalies) Also in the most surprising move of the day: Katie picked Jordan.



Round: 9

(97) Michaleks Anonymous - Chris Mason G

(98) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Vincent Lecavalier C

(99) Boom. Bing. - Claude Giroux RW

** (100) Team van Zijl - Alex Goligoski D

(101) Shero's  Heroes - Jakub Voracek RW

(102) Team MacKenzie - Milan Lucic LW

(103) Staals. Sod. - Dan Ellis G

(104) Team legowski - Tomas Holmstrom RW

(105) Team Burger - Tobias Enstrom D

(106) Team Shrawder - Guillaume Latendresse RW

(107) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Kimmo Timonen D

(108) Varna Rusty Razors - Brenden Morrow LW



Best pick: Goligoski (100)

Gogo will play a lot of PP for the pens with Sarge gone and should improve on last season where he had 8 g and 29 a in 69 games


Potential head case: Holmstrom (104)

Holmstrom has struggled with injuries in recent years and seems on the decline.


General thoughts:

A lot of wingers going of the boards thisround, mixed with some D and G. the center stream seems to have stopped for now.



Round: 10

(109) Varna Rusty Razors - Keith Yandle D

(110) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Nikita Filatov LW

(111) Team Shrawder - Stephane Robidas D

(112) Team Burger - Jamie Langenbrunner RW

(113) Team legowski - Tim Connolly C

(114) Staals. Sod. - Marc Staal D

(115) Team MacKenzie - Danny Briere C

(116) Shero's  Heroes - Jeff Schultz D

** (117) Team van Zijl - Steve Downie RW

(118) Boom. Bing. - Simon Gagne LW

(119) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - David Backes RW

(120) Michaleks Anonymous - Mike Knuble RW



Best pick: Yandle (109)

Yandle is an underrated fanatsy D who can post 10g 30 a and should see increased icetime with Micky gone.


Potential head case: Briere (115)

Briere is a good offensive player but he seems as brittle as a paper tissue at times.


My own pick: Downie (117)

Downie posted 20+ g, 20+ a and 200+ PIM and he plays for the rising Lightning, a very useful player, even if he is a tool.


General thoughts:

Katie continious with her Staal collection by drafting Marc people now aslo start taking some chances on a player like Filatov who has a lot of potential but has not yet played to that potential.


Round: 11

121) Michaleks Anonymous - Paul Martin D

(122) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Michael Del Zotto D

(123) Boom. Bing. - Brian Rafalski D

** (124) Team van Zijl - David Krejci C

(125) Shero's  Heroes - Marc-Edouard Vlasic D

(126) Team MacKenzie - Scott Hartnell LW

(127) Staals. Sod. - Niclas Bergfors RW

(128) Team legowski - Peter Mueller C

(129) Team Burger - Mikael Samuelsson RW

(130) Team Shrawder - Shane Doan RW

(131) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - P.K. Subban D

(132) Varna Rusty Razors - Wayne Simmonds RW



Best pick: Bergfors (127)

The sophomore had a very good rookie season scoring on the same pace as Ilja after being part of the package that was traded for the high scoring winger.


Potential head case: Krejci (124)

I took a bit of a chance on this guy seeing as he has had some injury troubles and is coming of a down year, but hopefully the Bruins offense and his own pick up this year.


Genral thoughts:

A lot of D  this round with the bigger depth on RW becoming apparent.


Round: 12

(133) Varna Rusty Razors - Dustin Byfuglien D

(134) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Brooks Laich C

(135) Team Shrawder - Kris Letang D

(136) Team Burger - Jonathan Quick G

(137) Team legowski - Olli Jokinen C

(138) Staals. Sod. - Anton Stralman D

(139) Team MacKenzie - Nik Antropov C

(140) Shero's  Heroes - Semyon Varlamov G

** (141) Team van Zijl - Ryane Clowe LW

(142) Boom. Bing. - Antti Niemi G

(143) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Jay Bouwmeester D

(144) Michaleks Anonymous - Mark Giordano D



Best pick: Letang (135)

Tanger had 3 goals last year but if he had shot at his career % of 7.5 he would have had 13 goals

Just like Sid last year he got a new stick and has worked on his shot this offseason.


Potential head case: Jokinen (137)

Jokinen got run out of town last year and his production has declined a lot the last few years.


My own pick: Clowe (141)

Clowe had career highs in points and PIM last year and has continued to train for fighting in the offseason, a nice Utility guy to have.


General thoughts:

D is the position people are trying to fill at this point.



Round: 13

(145) Michaleks Anonymous - Stephen Weiss C

(146) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - David Booth LW

(147) Boom. Bing. - Joni Pitkanen D

** (148) Team van Zijl - Ryan Suter D

(149) Shero's  Heroes - Tyler Ennis C

(150) Team MacKenzie - Sheldon Souray D

(151) Staals. Sod. - Victor Hedman D

(152) Team legowski - Jason Arnott C

(153) Team Burger - Chris Kunitz LW

(154) Team Shrawder - Brent Seabrook D

(155) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - James Wisniewski D

(156) Varna Rusty Razors - Rene Bourque LW



Best pick: Rene Bourque (156)

He had an excellent season despite the general woefullness of the Flames offense. He will produce while giving you a decent amount of PIM.


Potential head case: Souray (150)

Another autopick, Souray has been waived and does not yet have a spot on a NHL team.


My own pick: Suter (148)

not exactly a goal machine but should be good for 30+ a


General thoughts:

Still a lot of D going of the boards, it seems forward positions were filled early and now people are scrambling o fill their D.


Round: 14

(157) Varna Rusty Razors - Zach Bogosian D

(158) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Steve Mason G

(159) Team Shrawder - Jack Johnson D

(160) Team Burger - Andrei Markov D

(161) Team legowski - Scott Gomez C

(162) Staals. Sod. - Peter Regin C

(163) Team MacKenzie - Brian Gionta RW

(164) Shero's  Heroes - Jason Blake LW

** (165) Team van Zijl - Devin Setoguchi RW

(166) Boom. Bing. - Alexander Frolov LW

(167) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Brent Burns D

(168) Michaleks Anonymous - Mike Fisher C



Best pick: Setogouchi (165)

He had a down year last season (he went from his 30g rookie campaign to 20g) but it seems like he will play with Thornton again who has atmitted he likes a right handed shot to set up to (something both Heatly and Marleau are not) and if he sticks on the sharks top line could very well have a 30+ goal season again.


Potential head case: Gomez (161)

The small playmayker has underperformed ever siince crossing the Hudson and has shown no signs of coming back to form.


General thoughts:

were reaching the end of the draft and people are plugging holes now.



Round: 15

(169) Michaleks Anonymous - Ian White D

(170) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Antoine Vermette LW

(171) Boom. Bing. - Alexei Ponikarovsky LW

** (172) Team van Zijl - Joe Pavelski C

(173) Shero's  Heroes - Kyle Okposo RW

(174) Team MacKenzie - Brian Campbell D

(175) Staals. Sod. - James Neal LW

(176) Team legowski - Ed Jovanovski D

(177) Team Burger - Niklas Kronwall D

(178) Team Shrawder - Kari Lehtonen G

(179) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Nikolai Zherdev RW

(180) Varna Rusty Razors - Valtteri Filppula C



Best pick: Neal (175)

A talented winger getting a young LW on the rise at this point in the draft is a win.


Potential head case: Lehtonen (178)

He is the incumbent starter in Dallas but he's oft injured and has never managed to live up to his draft status.


My own pick: Pavelski

Little Joe was the main power behind the Sharks conference final appearance last year and I'm expecting a big year out of him, especially if he contious to show the PP prowess he showed in the playoffs.


General thoughts:

D and wingers mostly, most people have their goalies now.


Round: 16

(181) Varna Rusty Razors - Ville Leino LW

(182) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Pavel Kubina D

(183) Team Shrawder - Taylor Hall LW

(184) Team Burger - Erik Cole RW

(185) Team legowski - Alexander Edler D

(186) Staals. Sod. - Zbynek Michalek D

(187) Team MacKenzie - Dave Bolland C

(188) Shero's  Heroes - Tom Poti D

** (189) Team van Zijl - Jamie McBain D

(190) Boom. Bing. - Marek Zidlicky D

(191) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Mike Comrie C

(192) Michaleks Anonymous - Dustin Brown RW



Best pick: Comrie (191)

We all know he's had a very good preseason and looked like he belonged on a line with Geno, a great sleeper pick.


Potential head case: Cole (184)

He is getting old and had a broken leg last year, that should start to slow him down and his game is mostly built on speed.


My own pick: McBain (189)

A great sleeper pick, Mcbain had 3-7-10 in 14 games last year with a +6 rating and 25+ minutes played on average.


General thoughts:

Young rookies and veterans with something to prove seem the way to go now.



Round: 17

(193) Michaleks Anonymous - Teemu Selanne RW

(194) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Martin Havlat RW

(195) Boom. Bing. - Mike Ribeiro C

** (196) Team van Zijl - Evander Kane C

(197) Shero's  Heroes - Jonas Gustavsson G

(198) Team MacKenzie - Ryan Whitney D

(199) Staals. Sod. - T.J. Oshie C

(200) Team legowski - Andrei Kostitsyn LW

(201) Team Burger - Pascal Dupuis LW

(202) Team Shrawder - Ray Whitney LW

(203) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Mason Raymond LW

(204) Varna Rusty Razors - Kyle Quincey D

Best pick: Selanne (193)

If he remains somewhat healthy should score 30 g.


Potential head case: AK (200)

Has to show he wants to play in the NHL.


My own pick: Kane (196)

If he gets top 6 minutes could score in the 20-30-50 range and has both C and LW elegebility.


general thoughts:

Some very nice sleepers in this round.

Round: 18

(205) Varna Rusty Razors - Radim Vrbata RW

(206) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Blake Wheeler RW

(207) Team Shrawder - Sam Gagner C

(208) Team Burger - Cam Barker D

(209) Team legowski - Matt Carle D

(210) Staals. Sod. - Mark Recchi RW

(211) Team MacKenzie - Steve Sullivan RW

(212) Shero's  Heroes - Mikael Backlund C

** (213) Team van Zijl - Brandon Sutter C

(214) Boom. Bing. - Pascal Leclaire G

(215) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Kyle Turris C

(216) Michaleks Anonymous - Andrew Ladd LW



Best pick: Sutter (213)

This young player had 20+ g and 20+ a in his rookie season, he also was named alternate captain this offseason, a huge vote of confidence.


Potential head case: Leclaire (214)

The goalie situation in Ottawa seems to change every week with neither goalie proving they have earned the starting job.


General thoughts:

Some forward benchwarmers gone in this round.



Round: 19

(217) Michaleks Anonymous - Vaclav Prospal LW

(218) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Jean-Sebastien Giguere G

(219) Boom. Bing. - Jussi Jokinen LW

** (220) Team van Zijl - David Perron LW

(221) Shero's  Heroes - Benoit Pouliot LW

(222) Team MacKenzie - John-Michael Liles D

(223) Staals. Sod. - Milan Michalek LW

(224) Team legowski - Michael Leighton G

(225) Team Burger - Michael Frolik C

(226) Team Shrawder - Jason Demers D

(227) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - John Carlson D

(228) Varna Rusty Razors - Jonathan Bernier G



Best pick: Bernier (228)

Bernier will back up Quick to start the season but if his play is anything like his play last year could very well overtake Quick.


Potential head case: Leighton (224)

Not only is he injured to start the season he playes for the Flyers so he's cursed as a goalie.


My own pick: Perron (220) a nice well balanced producer this late in the draft at LW


General thoughts:

A lot of last minute LW picks to finish out the wing position.



Round: 20

(229) Varna Rusty Razors - Mark Letestu C

(230) Clarkson Flying Hellfish - Bryan Little C

(231) Team Shrawder - R.J. Umberger C

(232) Team Burger - Eric Tangradi C

(233) Team legowski - Dwayne Roloson G

(234) Staals. Sod. - Niklas Hjalmarsson D

(235) Team MacKenzie - Nikolai Khabibulin G

(236) Shero's  Heroes - Michael Grabner RW

** (237) Team van Zijl - Erik Karlsson D

(238) Boom. Bing. - Daniel Cleary RW

(239) South Jersey  Hakan Loobs - Marc-Andre Bergeron D

(240) Michaleks Anonymous - Vesa Toskala G



Best pick: Hjalmarsson (234)

He was a instrumental part of the Hawks cup run and shouldget more icetime this year.


Potential head case: Khabibulin (235)

He might go to jail and plays for the Oilers, it can't get much worse.


General thoughts:

The last round with some longshots (Gradi, Testtube) and a fun pick as Mr. Irrelevant (Toskela).


This concludes my draft recap, good luck to everyone :)

Goaltending: W, SO, SV%, GAA (min 40 games played)

The content expressed in fanposts does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff here at FanPosts are opinions expressed by fans of various teams throughout the league but may be more Pittsburgh-centric for obvious reasons.

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