Pensburgh League A Draft Recap

After seeing Sid the captain's awesome write-up for the rotisserie league, I decided to follow suit and do one for the 12-team, head-to-head Yahoo league I'm in. In contrast to the roto league, most of the league members had seen it all before, as many were in the same league last year.

As with StC's recap, I'll list the draft picks by round, as well as the best sleeper/value of the round, the biggest potential bust of the round, and my own pick. I'll also analyze the rounds as a whole.

NOTE: Scoring categories are G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, SOG, W, GAA, SV%, and SO - pretty standard.

And here...we...go.


1. Asham's Antagonists: Alex Ovechkin, LW, Was

2. Young Guns: Sidney Crosby, C, Pit

3. Hoooookks: Evgeni Malkin, C, Pit

4. 5-Hole Molesters: Ryan Miller, G, Buf

5. FrankD Fist Pumps: Steven Stamkos, C, TB

6. Jobbin' with JD: Nicklas Backstron, C, Was

7. Cold Crush Crew: Henrik Sedin, C, Van

8. Malkin's Stoli Stash: Zach Parise, LW, NJ

9. The Mearas: Mike Green, D, Was

10. Back Door Burglar: Ilya Kovalchuk, LW/RW, NJ

11. puckNutz: Daniel Sedin, LW, Van

12. Blackwater Park: Roberto Luongo, G, Van



Best pick: Stamkos (5)

I'll be up-front about this: I love Stamkos. I think the combination of his skill set, the way in which he is used in Tampa, and the players around him basically makes him a lock for 40+ goals for this year and years to come. Had I been picking #3, he would have been the guy.

Bust alert: Luongo (12)

Not really any huge reaches in the first round, so I'll just pick on Luongo. Not a bad pick, but I'd probably take Lundquist over Luongo if we're talking goalies.

My pick: Crosby (2)

Number two is the easiest pick in the draft.


Fairly standard as a first round. Interesting, though, that the top 12 players come from only six teams (Pittsburgh, Washington, New Jersey, Vancouver, Buffalo, Tampa Bay).



13. Blackwater Park: Martin Brodeur, G, NJ

14. puckNutz: Dany Heatley, LW/RW, SJ

15. Back Door Burglar: Henrik Lundquist, G, NYR

16. The Mearas: Ryan Getzlaf, C, Anh

17. Malkin's Stoli Stash: Drew Doughty, D, LA

18. Cold Crush Crew: Pavel Datsyuk, C, Det

19. Jobbin' with JD: Eric Staal, C, Car

20. FrankD Fist Pumps: Ilya Bryzgalov, G, Pho

21. 5-Hole Molesters: Duncan Keith, D, Chi

22. Hoooookks: Alexander Semin, RW, Was

23. Young Guns: Patrick Kane, RW, Chi

24. Asham's Antagonists: Jimmy Howard, G, Det


Best pick: Semin (22)

Sure, he has his shortcomings, but you can't deny that Semin puts up the points - and that's all that matters in fantasy hockey. He could easily match Kovalchuk and Heatley, for a better price.

Bust alert: Keith (21)

This pick is basically the opposite of Semin - Keith is an incredible player in real life, but I don't know if he can put up 70 points again without gaining some PP time. However, there's potential here, as well - if Keith does get that PP time, his numbers might go up. I'm just not willing to bet on that.

My pick: Kane (23)

I had myself set on Kane immediately after making the Crosby pick, and was glad to see him fall to me. Crosby and Kane, along with my next pick, gave me a very nice top three at forward.


Again, no huge reaches here, and not much drafting for positional need - just grabbing the perceived best player available.



25. Asham's Antagonists: Jonathan Toews, C, Chi

26. Young Guns: Rick Nash, LW/RW, Cls

27. Hoooookks: Martin St. Louis, RW, TB

28. 5-Hole Molesters: Joe Thornton, C, SJ

29. FrankD Fist Pumps: Tuukka Rask, G, Bos

30. Jobbin' with JD: Marian Gaborik, RW, NYR

31. Cold Crush Crew: Jarome Iginla, RW, Cgy

32. Malkin's Stoli Stash: Jason Spezza, C, Ott

33. The Mearas: Jaroslav Halak, G, StL

34. Back Door Burglar: Henrik Zetterberg, C, Det

35. puckNutz: Jeff Carter, C, Phi

36. Blackwater Park: Mike Richards, C, Phi



Best pick: Zetterberg (34)

Good down-year pick here. Henrik's going to score a lot more than three power-play goals this year.

Bust alert: Spezza (32)

Frank gets bitten by the autopick here. Spezza's been a bust for two years straight (having had him both years, I would know), so there's not really a reason to expect much more from him than what he's been giving.

My pick: Nash (26)

Nash rounds out my top-three forwards, giving me one each at center, left wing, and right wing. A little positional need factored in here (after this pick, only five LW's were chosen for the next four rounds), but I've always liked Nash, and figured this was a good value for him.


The third round was a bit interesting - it featured several older forwards, and two very young goalies who have yet to play a full NHL season as a starter. Both of these player categories inherently entail some serious risk. Some drafting for positional need begins to occur.



37. Blackwater Park: Vincent Lecavalier, C, TB

38. puckNutz: Patrick Marleau, C/LW, SJ

39. Back Door Burglar: Bobby Ryan, C/LW, Anh

40. The Mearas: Corey Perry, RW, Anh

41. Malkin's Stoli Stash: Anze Kopitar, C, LA

42. Cold Crush Crew: Tomas Vokoun, G, Fla

43. Jobbin' with JD: Craig Anderson, G, Col

44. FrankD Fist Pumps: Shea Weber, D, Nsh

45. 5-Hole Molesters: Marc-Andre Fleury, G, Pit

46. Hoooookks: Ryan Kesler, C, Van

47. Young Guns: Pekka Rinne, G, Nsh

48. Asham's Antagonists: Miikka Kiprusoff, G, Cgy


Best pick: Kopitar (41)

The auto-pick giveth, and the auto-pick taketh away - blessed be the name of the auto-pick? Kopitar is a fantastic sleeper, who could probably make a run at 100 points this year. Quite possibly the pick of the draft.

Bust alert: Fleury (45)

Is it wrong of me to be down on Fleury like I am? Because I just don't see him as a wonderful NHL goaltender. Good, but not wonderful. Feel free to attack me on this one; I think I earned it.

My pick: Rinne (47)

Drafting mostly for need, and I definitely saw Rinne as the best goalie left. Had Kesler not been snatched with the pick before me, however, I would have definitely considered him.


Can you say "goalie run"? Five of them taken in this round, as nobody wants to be the one caught starting Antero Niittymaki or Marty Turco.



49. Asham's Antagonists: John Taveras, C, NYI

50. Young Guns: Paul Stastny, C, Col

51. Hoooookks: Marian Hossa, RW, Chi

52. 5-Hole Molesters: Michael Cammalleri, LW, Mon

53. FrankD Fist Pumps: Daniel Alfredsson, RW, Ott

54. Jobbin' with JD: Chris Pronger, D, Phi

55. Cold Crush Crew: Dan Boyle, D, SJ

56. Malkin's Stoli Stash: Dion Phaneuf, D, Tor

57. The Mearas: Jonathan Quick, G, LA

58. Back Door Burglar: Cam Ward, G, Car

59. puckNutz: Sergei Gonchar, D, Ott

60. Blackwater Park: Johan Franzen, RW, Det



Best pick: Hossa (51)

I hate to say it, but Hossa's probably going to get about 80 points this year. That's a nice number for a fifth-rounder.

Bust alert: Cammalleri (52)

His awesome postseason might make some people forget that he only tallied 50 points in the regular season last year - as a reference, undrafted Andrew Brunette posted 61 last season.

My pick: Stastny (50)

Since my bases are pretty much covered as far as getting a top talent at non-D positions (part of my strategy is to pick up D sleepers in the late rounds), I go ahead and grab my number two center. Stastny has posted some nice point totals so far in his career, and he has room to improve as well.


We lose our collective souls in this round, as Hossa, Pronger, Cammalleri, and Franzen all get taken. Oh, and there was a mini run on defensemen, as well.



61. Blackwater Park: Mark Streit, D, NYI

62. puckNutz: Brad Richards, C, Dal

63. Back Door Burglar: Thomas Vanek, LW, Buf

64. The Mearas: Travis Zajac, C, NJ

65. Malkin's Stoli Stash: Chris Stewart, RW, Col

66. Cold Crush Crew: Phil Kessel, RW, Tor

67. Jobbin' with JD: Nicklas Lidstrom, D, Det

68. FrankD Fist Pumps: Simon Gagne, LW, TB

69. 5-Hole Molesters: Nathan Horton, RW, Bos

70. Hoooookks: Semyon Varlamov, G, Was

71. Young Guns: Niklas Backstrom, G, Min

72. Asham's Antagonists: Tyler Myers, D, Buf


Best pick: Zajac (64)

Several great picks in this round, but Zajac has serious star potential now, with the weaponry surrounding him. It's time for him to take the next step and become a point-per-game center.

Bust alert: Lidstrom (67)

I don't have much to justify this with, other than the fact that he's getting old. But that's something.

My pick: Backstrom (71)

I have him in both of my leagues, now. A top-10 goalie at a fraction of the price.


Excellent round, here. The people who get stars out of this round are the ones who'll see each other in the playoffs.




73. Asham's Antagonists: Alexandre Burrows, LW, Van

74. Young Guns: Zdeno Chara, D, Bos

75. Hoooookks: Marty Turco, G, Chi

76. 5-Hole Molesters: Loui Eriksson, RW, Dal

77. FrankD Fist Pumps: Erik Johnson, D, StL

78. Jobbin' with JD: Antero Niittymaki, G, SJ

79. Cold Crush Crew: Christian Ehrhoff, D, Van

80. Malkin's Stoli Stash: Danny Briere, RW, Phi

81. The Mearas: Patrik Elias, C/LW, NJ

82. Back Door Burglar: Patric Hornqvist, RW, Nsh

83. puckNutz: Carey Price, G, Mon

84. Blackwater Park: Brian Rafalski, D, Det



Best pick: Burrows (73)

Yeah, I got very mad when Burrows went right before me. Great choice, though.

Bust alert: Briere (80)

You thought Briere was a reach at 115 in your league, Sid the captain? Try 80 in ours. Yeesh.

My pick: Chara (74)

Kind of deviated from my plan here. I had my heart set on Burrows, without a backup plan. When he went, I panicked, and wound up taking Chara mainly on name recognition. Probably my least favorite draft choice, as far as my own players go.


The final few elite options are taken. Some fringy goalies start being drafted, and some slightly fringy forwards as well. Defense is still reasonably strong, though.



85. Blackwater Park: Dustin Penner, LW, Edm

86. puckNutz: Jonas Hiller, G, Anh

87. Back Door Burglar: Derek Roy, C, Buf

88. The Mearas: Jason Pominville, RW, Buf

89. Malkin's Stoli Stash: Kari Lehtonen, G, Dal

90. Cold Crush Crew: Tomas Kaberle, D, Tor

91. Jobbin' with JD: Bryan McCabe, D, Fla

92. FrankD Fist Pumps: Alex Goligoski, D, Pit

93. 5-Hole Molesters: David Booth, LW, Fla

94. Hoooookks: Kris Letang, D, Pit

95. Young Guns: Ales Hemsky, RW, Edm

96. Asham's Antagonists: Tomas Plekanec, C, Mon


Best pick: Hiller (86)

When you consider that Niittymaki, Price, and Turco had been taken in the previous round, this looks like a pretty good pick.

Bust alert: McCabe (91)

He hasn't posted very good stats since joining the Panthers.

My pick: Hemsky (95)

I was looking for a sleeper winger here, and it was either going to be Hemsky or Booth. My decision was made for me when Booth got snagged two picks before me.


A little bit of homerism shows up, as both Goligoski and Letang leave the board.




97. Asham's Antagonists: Joe Pavelski, C/RW, SJ

98. Young Guns: Andrei Markov, D, Mon

99. Hoooookks: Brenden Morrow, LW, Dal

100. 5-Hole Molesters: Patrick Sharp, C/LW, Chi

101. FrankD Fist Pumps: Peter Mueller, C/LW, Col

102. Jobbin' with JD: Zach Bogosian, D, Atl

103. Cold Crush Crew: Steve Mason, G, Cls

104. Malkin's Stoli Stash: Scott Hartnell, LW, Phi

105. The Mearas: Brooks Laich, LW, Was

106. Back Door Burglar: Brian Campbell, D, Chi

107. puckNutz: Niklas Kronwall, D, Det

108. Blackwater Park: Ryan Smyth, LW, LA



Best pick: Mueller (101)

Mueller went on a monster run after being traded to Colorado last year; can he keep it up? If so, this is an awesome pick in the ninth.

Bust alert: Kronwall (107)

Not to be mean or anything, but what exactly does Kronwall do?

My pick: Markov (98)

Yeah, and my plan to snag only late-round sleeper defensemen is dashed. Eh.


Now we're into the shots in the dark, pretty much. The goalie pool is basically depleted - if you didn't get your starters already, you're in trouble. Also, Hartnell sucks.



109. Blackwater Park: Teemu Selanne, RW, Anh

110. puckNutz: Jakub Voracek, RW, Cls

111. Back Door Burglar: Tobias Enstrom, D, Atl

112. The Mearas: Brent Seabrook, D, Chi

113. Malkin's Stoli Stash: Jonas Gustavsson, G, Tor

114. Cold Crush Crew: Mason Raymond, LW, Van

115. Jobbin' with JD: Alexander Frolov, LW, NYR

116. FrankD Fist Pumps: Niclas Bergfors, RW, Atl

117. 5-Hole Molesters: P.K. Subban, D, Mon

118. Hoooookks: Michael Del Zotto, D, NYR

119. Young Guns: Wojtek Wolski, LW, Pho

120. Asham's Antagonists: Lubomir Visnovsky, D, Anh


Best pick: Voracek (110)

Several young players went in this round, and Voracek is one of my favorites. He'll get a crack at first-line minutes in Columbus.

Bust alert: Frolov (115)

Yeah, Frolov's going from a decent setup in LA to a bad one in New York. Work ethic concerns as well.

My pick: Wolski (119)

I really like Wolski as a sleeper. He shined greatly in Phoenix after the trade; will he stay a point-per-game player there?


As mentioned before, some younger players with potential get taken in this round.



121. Asham's Antagonists: Stephen Weiss, C, Fla

122. Young Guns: Marc Savard, C, Bos

123. Hoooookks: Taylor Hall, LW, Edm

124. 5-Hole Molesters: Kimmo Timonen, D, Phi

125. FrankD Fist Pumps: Milan Lucic, LW, Bos

126. Jobbin' with JD: Andrei Kostitsyn, LW, Mon

127. Cold Crush Crew: Nikita Filatov, LW, Cls

128. Malkin's Stoli Stash: Antti Niemi, G, SJ

129. The Mearas: Alexander Edler, D, Van

130. Back Door Burglar: Mike Knuble, RW, Was

131. puckNutz: Sheldon Souray, D, Edm

132. Blackwater Park: Jay Bouwmeester, D, Cgy



Best pick: Niemi (128)

If Niemi can assume the starting job in San Jose (I believe he will), this is a great value.

Bust alert: Souray (131)

Souray was dropped by puckNutz after the draft, in favor of Dennis Wideman.

My pick: Savard (122)

Someone mentioned in the draft chat that no one would show love for Savard, and in my infinite pity and kindness I decided to grab him. Not exactly a success strategy for fantasy sports, but hey.


Some even younger players begin leaving the board - our first rookie is taken.



133. Blackwater Park: Ryan Whitney, D, Edm

134. puckNutz: Mark Giordano, D, Cgy

135. Back Door Burglar: Mikael Samuelsson, RW, Van

136. The Mearas: Keith Yandle, D, Pho

137. Malkin's Stoli Stash: David Backes, RW, StL

138. Cold Crush Crew: Victor Hedman, D, TB

139. Jobbin' with JD: Nikolay Zherdev, RW, Phi

140. FrankD Fist Pumps: Jack Johnson, D, LA

141. 5-Hole Molesters: Matt Duchene, C, Col

142. Hoooookks: Jussi Jokinen, LW, Car

143. Young Guns: Erik Karlsson, D, Ott

144. Asham's Antagonists: Stephane Robidas, D, Dal


Best pick: Yandle (136)

I had my eye on Yandle before he was taken. Looks like a guy who get to 50 points from the D slot this year.

Bust alert: Robidas (144)

Robidas hasn't really ever been an offensive defenseman until this year - will he keep it up?

My pick: Karlsson (143)

I finally get my plan of late-round sleeper defensemen off the ground somewhat.


Several young defensemen get taken, and a bunch of decent wingers go as well.



145. Asham's Antagonists: Nik Antropov, C, Atl

146. Young Guns: Anton Stralman, D, Cls

147. Hoooookks: Devin Setoguchi, RW, SJ

148. 5-Hole Molesters: Mike Comrie, C/LW, Pit

149. FrankD Fist Pumps: Mikko Koivu, C, Min

150. Jobbin' with JD: Pascal Leclaire, G, Ott

151. Cold Crush Crew: Mike Ribiero, C, Dal

152. Malkin's Stoli Stash: Ryane Clowe, LW, SJ

153. The Mearas: Jamie Benn, LW, Dal

154. Back Door Burglar: Shane Doan, RW, Pho

155. puckNutz: Tim Connolly, C, Buf

156. Blackwater Park: Olli Jokinen, C, Cgy



Best pick: Stralman (146)

Eh, why not flatter myself on one pick. Stralman has a pretty decent upside, which is more than can be said of some picks here.

Bust alert: Comrie (148)

I like Comrie as much as the next guy, but is he really better than Mikko Koivu?

My pick: Stralman (146)

My plan to grab late-round defensemen continues.


Sleepers and fringies.



157. Blackwater Park: Chris Mason, G, Atl

158. puckNutz: Guillaume Latendresse, LW, Min

159. Back Door Burglar: Ed Jovanovski, D, Pho

160. The Mearas: Rene Bourque, RW, Cgy

161. Malkin's Stoli Stash: Marek Zidlicky, D, Min

162. Cold Crush Crew: Tomas Holmstrom, RW, Det

163. Jobbin' with JD: Claude Giroux, RW, Phi

164. FrankD Fist Pumps: Chris Kunitz, LW, Pit

165. 5-Hole Molesters: Dustin Brown, RW, LA

166. Hoooookks: Paul Martin, D, Pit

167. Young Guns: Brad Boyes, RW, StL

168. Asham's Antagonists: Jamie Langenbrunner, RW, NJ


Best pick: Brown (165)

Another guy I had anticipated taking as a sleeper, before he got taken before my pick.

Bust alert: Jovanovski (159)

Jovanovski's been declining for a while now.

My pick: Boyes (167)

Hopefully, Boyes is young enough to recover his lost scoring spark.


This round, honestly, featured better talent than the year before. Funny how that can go sometimes.



169. Asham's Antagonists: Jordan Staal, C, Pit

170. Young Guns: Ryan Malone, LW, TB

171. Hoooookks: Dustin Byfuglien, RW/D, Atl

172. 5-Hole Molesters: Michael Leighton, G, Phi

173. FrankD Fist Pumps: Brian Gionta, RW, Mon

174. Jobbin' with JD: Alexei Ponikarovsky, LW, LA

175. Cold Crush Crew: Dan Ellis, G, TB

176. Malkin's Stoli Stash: Pavel Kubina, D, TB

177. The Mearas: Brandon Dubinsky, C, NYR

178. Back Door Burglar: Kurtis Foster, D, Edm

179. puckNutz: Mathieu Carle, D, Mon

180. Blackwater Park: Ville Leino, LW, Phi



Best pick: Staal (169)

Once he comes back from injury in November, Staal could find himself on a line with Malkin. That's a recipe for success.

Bust alert: Carle (179)

Doesn't look like Carle will play in the NHL this year.

My pick: Malone (170)

Malone figures to be a sure shot for 25 goals and 25 assists.


Not much to say - we're scraping the bottom of the barrel now.



181. Blackwater Park: Kyle Okposo, RW, NYI

182. puckNutz: Steve Downie, RW, TB

183. Back Door Burglar: Matt Moulson, LW, NYI

184. The Mearas: Evander Kane, LW, Atl

185. Malkin's Stoli Stash: Steve Ott, C, Dal

186. Cold Crush Crew: James Wisniewski, D, NYI

187. Jobbin' with JD: Jordan Eberle, C, Edm

188. FrankD Fist Pumps: Eric Tangradi, C, Pit

189. 5-Hole Molesters: Marc Staal, D, NYR

190. Hoooookks: Michal Neuvirth, G, Was

191. Young Guns: Brian Elliott, G, Ott

192. Asham's Antagonists: Joni Pitkanen, D, Car


Best pick: Downie (182)

Downie's a jagoff, but he produces in several categories.

Bust alert: Neuvirth (190)

Can't see Neuvirth as more than a backup this year, unless Varlamov gets hurt.

My pick: Elliott (191)

Elliott figures to get around 30 starts, which works just fine for me as my #3 goalie.


Several prospects went in the last round, and Mr. Irrelevant is a three-time 40-point defenseman. Interesting end to an interesting draft.


Well, that just about does it. Good luck to everyone in Pensburgh League A!

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