November Mid-Season Review - Pensburgh Fantasy Hockey League (H2H)

Pensburgh Fantasy Hockey League


Category Review:

G, A, +/-, STG, PPA, Hit, BlkSht, W, SV%, GAA

Goals and Assists make up the core essentials.  +/- shows the player's individual dominance in even strength situations as well as their chemistry with linemates.  Special Team Goals gives more value to players who score goals in odd man situations.  Powerplay Assists give more value to Powerplay Quarterbacks (who tend to be centers and defenseman).  Players spend countless hours during practice working on quarterbacking the powerplay, so this category accounts for that skill.

The physical categories add a different dynamic to drafting your fantasy team.  PIMs add value to players who receive penalties and fighting majors.  Hits add more physical value to hitters.  Blocked shots add value to Penalty killers and defenseman. 

Categories kept out of this league:  Saves, SOG, SO, ATOI.  Shots on goal (SOG), its value is hard to quantify.  Even Jonathan Cheechoo can get 5 SOG per game and still manage to do absolutely nothing.  SOG seems like a fluff category to me.  Saves were left out of this league as well.  Having Saves and save percentage is redundant and adds too much fluff to fantasy hockey.  Average time on ice (ATOI) is pretty unnecessary.  There are lots of excellent goal scorers out there who get only about 16 minutes of ice time.  ATOI is kind of like a "thanks for showing up" category, and it's not needed.  Shutouts (SO) would be an "okay" 4th goalie category, but it can be a little redundant.  So it got chopped.

Categories that we might like, but aren't in this year:  FOW and DEF.  Many people like DEF as a category.  I left it out due to redundancy.  Counting a point score by a defenseman twice didn't seem like a priority :\  I feel that between Hits, BlkShts, PPAs, Gs, and As defenseman get enough value to withhold adding the DEF category.  But this could be a future addition.  And Faceoff wins are a HUGE part of hockey.  Centers practice them for countless hours.  This category could be added, but it might overpower centers a bit too much(in some cases). 

November Mid-Season Review:
Current League Standings:

**(26-15-3)  South Buffalo Bloody Razors
*(25-17-2)  Hooks Orpik's Killing Machine
*(23-16-5)  Big Dog Tangradi
(25-14-5)  Slippery Dinosaurs
(21-19-4)  Staal Brother's Surf Company
(18-22-4)  Amsterdam Pens
(18-22-4)  The BylsMANIACS
(19-24-1)  Washington Eventual Winner
(17-22-5)  Rented Mule
(18-24-2)  WBS Baby Pens
(18-25-1)  Jaromir Jagrbomb
(17-25-2)  The Mearas

Scoring:  Head to Head each category.
**:  League Leader
*:  Division Leader
Note: Standings go by seed.  1, 2, 3 are division leaders.  8 teams make the playoffs.  Rounds last 2 weeks each. 

Category Leaders:
G:  Staal Brother's Surf Company
A:  The Mearas
+/-:  The Mearas
PIM:  Staal Brother's Surf Company
PPA:  Amsterdam Pens
HIT:  Slippery Dinosaurs
BLK:  Slippery Dinosaurs
STG:  Slippery Dinosaurs
W:  Big Dog Tangradi
SV%:  Slippery Dinosaurs
GAA:  Slippery Dinosaurs


Division Review:

Many teams in the Pensburgh Hockey League have a strong balance of skill, physic, and goaltending.  It will be interesting to see which teams emerge as Power Houses as the year goes on.  Staal Brother's Surf Company came out flying completely dominating the first two weeks.  The early surges from Hossa and Stamkos (as well as his countless other strong forwards) led him to earning the first two Power House Awards of the season. 

Mt. Washington:  The Hooks Orpik's Killing Machine took a bad beat in week 2 facing that week's Power House.  But they've taken the Mt. Washington division lead with their big wins during weeks 3 and 4.

SouthSide Works:  The South Buffalo Bloody Razors stand as one of the most injured teams so far this season, yet they're leading their division with a league leading record!  The Slippery Dinosaurs took the Power House Award for week 3 and are close behind battling for the SouthSide Works division lead.

Carnegie:  Big Dog Tangradi has proven to be a force, taking the Power House Award for week 4 as well as the Carnegie division lead.

Just to name a few, the skater edition:

Lidstrom:  Detroit's powerplay is kicking, and Nick Lidstrom is quarterbacking it.  With 8 PPAs and 1 STG (15 points in 13 games) Lidstrom is powering the back end of the Amsterdam Pens.  It's because of draft picks like this (7th rounder) that the Amsterdam Pens are 2nd in Assists and 1st in PPAs in the Pensburgh Hockey League. 

Byfuglien:  Excelling in Points, PIMs, Hits, and even PPPs, Rented Mule grabbed a solid multi-cat producer in Dustin Byfuglien from the waiver wire.

Malkin:  Having a slow fantasy year so far, for a 1st round pick.  Only 2 PIMs and 12 points in 15 games so far.  But if this is Malkin on a slow start, Amsterdam Pens will take Malkin playing well any day of the week.  Now it's just a matter of time, right?

Green:  After to a slow start, Green has taken his position as a top scoring defenseman once again.  Big Dog Tangradi knew what he was getting when he spent his 1st round pick on a guy who'll get all of the skater categories. 

Giroux:  A pleasant surprise to some (mostly non-Flyer fans), Giroux is leading the Flyers in points and nearly ice time.  And with his contract extension, you can expect him to be a Flyer for a very long time.  Big Dog Tangrardi new who he was drafting with this 11th rounder. 

Crosby:  Can't go wrong with this 1st round pick.  Strong in many categories, shows up to play every night.  WBS Baby Pens were given the 2nd overall pick and all they had to do was click ;) 

Stamkos:  Nothing short of blow up.  This guy can score.  Staal Brother's Surf Company watching his 5th overall selection make the top 4 go "Wow!" as if they never saw it coming.

Dubinksy:  Nice waiver wire pickup for Big Dog Tangradi.  Dubinsky has been known to cool off after his hot starts, but he does have a history of PIMs and Hits to go along with his hockey sense. 

Ovechkin:  Off to his usual start (well over point-per-game with loads of hits and PPPs).  Hooks Orpiks Killing Machine did the right thing drafting the guy who makes the most out of the stat categories.

Selanne:  The old is alive and kicking.  He was on pace for over 40 goals last year had he not broken his jaw with a puck to the face.  Let's see how his season pans out this year.  Great late pick by the Slippery Dinosaurs in round 13. 

LetangKris Letang has more fantasy production than Evgeni Malkin so far this year.  Surely that may change, but Letang is proving to be an excellen 15th round pick for Staal Brother's Surf Company. 

Brad Richards:  Centering all those dangerous wingers in Dallas, Richards is putting up heavy offensive production.  Even strength dominance, Powerplay dominance, this man can center it all.  Excellent 4th round pick by Washington Eventual Winner. 

Off to a hot start with 10 quick goals, but can he keep it up all year?  A great 6th round pick by The Mearas

Ryan:  Bobby Ryan, taken in the 3rd round by The BylsMANIACS, showing his multi-category production early on excelling in points, PIMs, and Hits. 

Just to name a few, the goalie edition:

Brodeur:  Fantasy goalie workhorse is getting put out to pasture?  Jersey having a rough start.  What looked like a possible steal of a 3rd round pick for the Amsterdam Pens, could end up being a dud pick if Jersey doesn't turn their ship around. 

Halak:  As long as St Louis keeps these games tight and low scoring, Halak is a solid fantasy goaltender.  What an 8th round pick by Staal Brother's Surf Company

Quick:  8th round selection by Slippery Dinosaurs looking strong in goal with LA.  But believe me, though he's talented, it's the defense and teamwork of LA that's giving this guy relatively easy saves. 

Fleury:  Sadly, fantasy hockey waiver wires everywhere are Fleurying... Staal Brother's Surf Company is holding on for dear life with this guy bringing down goaltending averages like the stock market numbers.  As pens fans, well all pray this stops now!!!

Bobrovksy:  Bob-who?  South Buffalo Bloody Razors are having at this russian like commies do vodka in a soviet submarine.  Though please be assured that Bob's stats are highly reflective of the strong team infront of him.  It's not the bob, it's the flyer.  With that aside, I do believe the bob is greater than that of the Bouch or the Leight.  Bob's the man right now in South Buffalo. 

Rask/Thomas:  Ouch, what a 3rd round pick.  The Dinosaurs Slipped up on this one.  Last I checked, his plan was to have both Boston goalies but missed the boat on Thomas.  And that bit him in the butt.  Thomas was a good draft pick by Jagrbomb in the 18th round... but we'll see who's starting in goal for the B's in February/March/April when it really counts (fantasy hockey playoff time).

Just to name a few, key injury edition:

Gaborik:  With his team leading its division, Hooks Orpiks Killing Machine will only get better when he comes back

Parise:  Out for how long?  You don't say!  As of today South Buffalo Bloody Razors have 7 guys in the red.  Parise tops that list.

Staal:  Jordan Staal has yet to play a game this season.  Surely he'll help the Staal Brother's Surf Company when he returns.



The Pensburgh Fantasy Hockey League hosts the Power House Award.  The Power House Award is given to the team that dominated during a given week.  Not only did this team totally annihilate their match up, but they would have obliteration any other team had they played them.

For a team to win a Power House Award during a given week, they must meet the following criteria:

-Win their matchup
-Win a matchup against every other team in the league, were you to play them that same week.

This team will be dubbed a Power House due to the fact that they would have beaten any team.  One Power House Award is available during each week.


Power House Award Winners:

Week 1:  Staal Brother's Surf Company
Week 2:  Staal Brother's Surf Company
Week 3:  Slippery Dinosaurs
Week 4:  Big Dog Tangradi



League Home Page:

The content expressed in fanposts does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff here at FanPosts are opinions expressed by fans of various teams throughout the league but may be more Pittsburgh-centric for obvious reasons.

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