Things I'd like to see on 24/7

With the absolutely astonishing and unprecedented coverage we've been treated to for two weeks now by HBO's 24/7 special, it just feels greedy to ask for more, especially since I can't think of too much I'd cut out of what they've shown so far.  Nevertheless, most likely everyone has that thing that they've been hoping to see about either team on the show that may not have been covered yet.  Here's my list of a few things I'd like to see on the Pens' end:

1) More candid player conversations.  Every time they do this, it's a home run.  Let's see more team dinners or players milling around before or after games.  I want to know who and what they talk about.  Are they chirping on current hockey events around the league?  Complaining about someone on the team or on another team?  Lamenting their own mistakes or bragging about accomplishments?  Getting involved in events outside the world of hockey?  Let's hear what's going on in their heads.

2) More Malkin sound bytes.  The guy is absolutely one of the funniest Penguins and should have a little more exposure.

3)  More secrets revealed.  By this I mean, let's have HBO disclose all the things that are "undisclosed" by the Pens.  Like what's really going on with Staal?  The team's keeping mum publicly but HBO has no such obligation.  If something went wrong they should say so.  And details please.

4) More coverage of bench and in-game dialogue (although what they've done has been great).  What are the players saying before and after plays? 

5) Footage of Ovie being a jerk.  Shouldn't be hard to find. 

6) An indication that Orpik, Kunitz, Martin, Z, Gogo, Conner, and Asham are on the team.  Several of those guys are real characters, and should be shown more often, especially Orpik.  Let's get more Tanger and Flower too.


Anyway I know this sounds demanding, and if none of these things happen, I'll still be thrilled by what we did see.  HBO has confirmed everything I ever thought about the Pens organization, that it is class from top to bottom, and the locker room is tight and nobody gets too down after a loss.  They simply know what they're doing in there.  Can't say the same for the Caps.  Still, if they release some of the unaired footage, I will pay almost any price to see it.  The stuff is brilliant and each episode really should be longer to really capture how awesome the sport is.

Pens rock.  Caps suck.  Bring it.

The content expressed in fanposts does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff here at FanPosts are opinions expressed by fans of various teams throughout the league but may be more Pittsburgh-centric for obvious reasons.

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