Penguins Paparazzi: I LOVE Winter Practices!

Penguins Paparazzi: I <3 Winter Practices!!!

Hello PensBurgh friends!!

I was super excited to see that the Penguins were in the giving mood this holiday season, and provided us fans with several open practices. The Iceoplex @ Southpointe hosted several days of practice in the past few weeks. I love these Winter practices because the players are in the swing of the season, drills are conducted super high energy, and the people that attend are true Penguins fanatics. These are times when memories can be made with some of the best athletes in the NHL. I become enthralled with the experience, and I am so happy to share my encounters with you guys!

From Penguins Practice @ Iceoplex

You gotta love the focus in their eyes... :)

My Latest Penguins Paparazzi Photos:

  • Sid is a beast. We all know that. He is, in our opinion, he is the best player in the NHL. No wonder, I cannot stop taking his photo. He glows like an uber celebrity. You can always tell where he is on the ice. The universe moves depending on where Sidney Crosby is on the ice. On 12/1, at the height of his sucess this season, he took the time to pose for lil' ol' me in my prized position, right by the glass. I think this is one of the best shots I have of Sidney at practice.

From Penguins Practice @ Iceoplex

  • Sid was still feeling giving after practice. There were about a dozen of us waiting for potential autographs with no luck, IN THE SNOW, most players were carpooling and making a quick exit. (I am never offended when the guys don't stop, because I understand they have limited time at home and always have places to go and things to do.) Some days you may get a ton of signatures, some days you get none. I thought this day would end up like the later, when.... Like a prince on a stallion, except it was our lovely Captain driving up in his Range Rover! The fans were relatively calm and formed an orderly line to wait for Sid. (He always skips the first few in line) My boyfriend got in the back of the line, and Sid gave us the most beautiful autograph on his Winter Classic Jersey!!! Thanks Sid!! Can't wait until the January 1, 2011!!

From Penguins Practice @ Iceoplex


From Penguins Practice @ Iceoplex

-----> NOTE: Most of the time, Crosby is more than willing to take the time to sign autographs for fans, or even pose for a photo. But if you ever see him or get the chance to ask for an autograph, keep in mind, Sidney will BOLT the minute fans start to go crazy. He cannot stand it when people start screaming or pushing and shoving. I've seen him leave plenty of times as soon as fans start losing their minds...

  • A wonderful moment with Superstar Max: 12/3/2010 A little kid right by the glass is learning to take his first photos, Maxime Talbot skates right up and gives him a great fumanchu grin, right in the middle of drills... Sidney Crosby then skates up and the kid becomes shy, and runs back to his mom...I don't know if the kid was able to snap the photo or if the pressure was on too much, but I know it made the little kid's day. I so appreciated that Max took the time to make us smile. I am so glad I was in full paparazzi mode to catch it on film! ----->NOTE: This was only about 15 minutes before he took a puck to the foot, and had to be carted off the ice...

  • I have seen Flower countless times, spending time after practices, with fans. Signing and posing, talking to whoever strikes up a conversation. He always looks you in the eye and really gives you a moment to remember. I have even seen him get out of his beautiful steel Lamborghini and walk over to a group of fans, staying until every fan was satisfied. (This photo was in September 2010)
    • From Penguins Training Camp @Iceoplex: Day 1
    • I'm a big Marc-Andre Fleury fan. Always. I stand by him, no matter how many 'soft goals' he lets in. I am so excited he his showing all the haters he is a strong goalie. I am always fascinated by Fleury during practice. He always smiles and gives his all during drills. He will flop and flail towards every shot. I am so happy he's back at the top of his game. I have so much respect for MAF as a person. He is truely a wonderful guy! It's obvious the team loves him, and watch him a few minutes at practice and you will know why...

    From Penguins Practice @ Iceoplex
  • In conclusion of this edition, I thought you guys might enjoy a couple of minutes of practice, uncut. I had such a great seat right by the glass, I ended up just filming the entire thing... 12/1/2010 - Iceoplex @ Southpointe - Perspective from the front row by the glass of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey practice - Brooks Orpik shoots a puck right at me while he is waiting for his turn in the current drill... (1:30) Kris Letang & Sidney Crosby battle for the puck directly by me... it's a great couple of minutes for any Penguins fan!


Hope to report on mustache boy contest soon! Three more practices scheduled this month at the Iceoplex. Then it will be 2011 Bridgestone Winter Classic time!!




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