Top Ten things to do during this Playoff run....

The second installment of TehChico's TopTen.  Just something I threw together over the weekend.  As always, I'll be focused less on the hockey itself and more on the culture surrounding it, or how it's influenced myself and other puckheads. 

Now for the Jump-list to follow...lets all hold on.


10. Game Day Routine: Be it lucky burrito or just the same shirt/Jersey/Hat. Find something you are comfortable in that you feel give the team the best superstitious chance to win.  I wear a Yellow 90's Flying Penguin hat when I watch the game.  After all it's hockey, and them hockey players are real superstitious beings. Unless you are conference championship trophy. Or is being the opposite of superstitious still actually being superstitious?  Good Afternoon, but I digress.


9. Make sure you watch the game in places you can cheer loudly for you team and not get physically injured for it.  I am in Flyers Country...that pretty much means my living room with my Wife and Dog-both Penguins Fans.


8. If you are a guy, do it up and grow that playoff beard.  If you are a lady...ah...well...find a guy who can grow a playoff beard and stick with him for the Playoff run.


7. Get on the Pensburgh open threads during the games and cheer with your brethren from around the World! (yep shameless plug and I don't even work here) Besides,  I don’t live in Pittsburgh and attend Penguins games.  There are some great quotes and threads that pop out of nowhere.  Man Crushes (and crushes in general-Katielynn) a plenty.


6. Have a drink of celebration after every goal scored, and shot of depression for every goal against.   This helped me win a Fantasy Football league championship employing this technique during the championship weekend in regards to touchdowns.


5. If you have friends that are fans of an opposing team of the Penguins during the run, respect them during the series and make sure to gloat directly or indirectly after the Pens win the series. (See Flyers, Philadelphia 2008-2009).  Say things like, "well if they would have pulled off the win they could have played for the cup." Or “Man that Carcillo can sure win a fight”


4. If you work, try to not let that come between you and your playoff hockey. I know, easier said than done.  That's why the Good Lord made sick days.


3.Get overly excited during goals, or amazing saves.  Jump up in the air, high five someone, if it's an OT goal you are allowed to run in circles screaming "Yes Yes Yes, oh God Yes!"


2. See a game live and in person, whether it is at the Igloo or on the road. Playoff hockey is an amazing animal, and the Tension is magnified 10 fold in person.  Seeing the Pens deflate an oppositions building or Blow the roof off the Igloo is something to behold.


1. Remember the Pens are never out of it, until the series is over. Enjoy the highs, cry during the lows...but remember this sure beats the years we were cheering for the Blues, Stars or other Team to win because the Pens didn't make it to the show.

The content expressed in fanposts does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff here at FanPosts are opinions expressed by fans of various teams throughout the league but may be more Pittsburgh-centric for obvious reasons.

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