Top Pens Plays/Moments of the 09-10 Season

So, since I'm totally hockey deprived right now and, geez, it's only been a month and a half since you know what, I was thinking everyone should post their top plays or moments of the season (and postseason). You can post as many as you want in the comments. I don't know if y'all want to rank them by voting or I'll just post the ones I like (it is my post after all =D ).

Some of my favorite moments/plays of the season (in no particular order) are after the jump.

NOTE: I had to link the videos because the FanPost only allows me to link YouTube videos.

Mike Rupp shoves Zack Smith through the Zamboni doors:

Just what the team needed. After losing to the Sens in game 1, HCDB inserted Rupper into the lineup and the message he sent to the team paid off. At the time, Rupp was exactly what the team needed.

Malkin breaks out of his slump:

Although it wouldn't get much better for Geno after this, he hadn't scored in more than 15 games and was pointless in his last 4. When this goal (no matter how crappy it was) went in, it was such a relief.

Sid scores 50....and 51...and tries for 52:

Here's Sid's awfully good try for 52 goals.

I actually missed the first period of this game because of the NHL showing the Flyers-Rangers game, but I don't think I'll ever forget it all the same. If I read lips correctly, they told Sid at the start of OT that Stamkos got 51 and that last video is what he did. Amazing.

Mellon's last regular season game:

Couldn't find the ceremony, but the game was just as good. A nice thrashing of the Isles with all the Pens greats watching. Would've been icing on the cake to see Sid get 50 goals for 500 points, but he's too classy to let a goal that wasn't his stand.

Crosby takes over:

That series was absolutely his. Just like Rupp was what the Pens needed, Sid was also there to, not only lead the way, but dominate. Too bad the season was cut short just on round later.

Billy G's buzzer beater to tie it up, Duper's 100th career goal to end it:

Probably the best game of the year. Geno comes back from injury, Pens end a 5 game losing streak with a thrilling OT game. A pissed off Tim Thomas...doesn't get much better. Oh, and Duper get his 100th career goal with an empty netter (see how easy that was, Chris Borque?).

Shorthanded Pens comeback to beat Columbus:

This was a great win. The Pens, down two, score two goals within one minute to tie it up in the 3rd and win it in the shootout. Oh yeah, and we had half of the lineup missing (including Geno). Love how many Pens fan were there, btw.

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