2010/2011 Mock Pittsburgh Penguins Roster

Time for the off-season.  A time for golfing and business so many decisions with limited amount of resources left what does Shero have left in that mind thats worked during his time in Pittsburgh, it won't be draft choices thats for sure so lets dip into that shallow FA market and see what happens.....

I couldn't resist becoming a blogger I like to read other people's inputs but I hate the arguments within them but since we are all Penguins fans and from what I see most on here actually know whats going on so I figured I'd put in my 2 cents.  First I'd like to apologize for Strasburg tearing the Pirates apart but we all expected that, right?

OK, now to business.  The cap is projected to increase by 2 million (hopefully) which would raise it to 58.8 million.  I came up with a mock roster I know its not likely, it is my first one but I feel like WE can work around my first attempt mistakes (I have Cooke and Frolov making too little & Lovejoy too high?) and I know Volchenkov turned down 5 million from Ottawa but we know he wants to get out of there and to a REAL cup contender.  Also, since I came so close to the max cap hit it would be difficult, well impossible to do mid-season call up's and trade negoitiations as well as have a 7th D-man BUT lets just work around this for now and I'll work on a 2nd one aka one without Volchenkov

My UFA Defensive Choices:

1. Volchenkov

2. Hamhuis

3. R. Jones

4. Z. Michalek

5. Tallinder

6. Hjalmarsson (RFA--Chicago) but we all know about their cap issues soo...

My UFA Offensive Choices:

1. Frolov

2. Stempniak

3. Kayria

Weak forward market if you ask me unless your going after Kovy or Marleau.  I wish Steve Ott was still on the market


Tangradi (850,000)--Crosby (8.7)--Kunitz (3.725) = 13.3

Frolov (3.5)--Malkin (8.7)--Dupuis (1.4) = 13.6

Kennedy (725,000)--Staal (4.0)--Cooke (2.3) = 7.025

Rupp (825,000)--Adams (550,000)--Talbot (1.050) = 2.425

>>>> 36, 350,000

Letang (3.5)--Orpik (3.75) = 7.25

Eaton (2.0)--Volchenkov (4.3) = 6.3

Lovejoy (1.4)--Goligoski (1.833) = 3.233

>>>> 16,783,333

Fleury (5.0)--Johnson (600,000)

>>>> 5,600,000



Departures: Ponikarvosky, Guerin, Fedentenko, Gonchar, Leopold, McKee

Additions: Frolov, Volchenkov

The content expressed in fanposts does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff here at FanPosts are opinions expressed by fans of various teams throughout the league but may be more Pittsburgh-centric for obvious reasons.

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