MAF vs Tom Barrasso

There are some saying that this is a make or break year for Marc-Andre Fleury (I am not one of them)...  Tom Barrasso is generally considered the greatest goalie in Penguins history...  MAF is generally considered the Penguins goalie of now and the future.  Let's compare the 2.  What I've done is taken only Barrasso's Penguins stats and compared them to MAF's stats.   See the results after the jump.

I updated Fleury's stats to reflect what his numbers would be if he kept up the same level of play he has over his NHL career to the number of games that Barrasso played as a Pen.  See Below


As you can see, Fleury is VERY comparable to Barrasso.  In the Diff column, positive numbers are when Fleury has a higher total than Barrasso, the negative numbers show when Barrasso had a higher total than Fleury.  The only stats that Barrasso has the advantage in is regular season losses.  

Overall, Fleury seems like he is a better goalie... by a hair.  Their numbers are very similar including an exact(if you round them) save %.

Here are what Fleury's actual stats are.


Overall I was very surprised at how close their stats were... I intended to write this and see one of them pull away from the other(be it Barrasso or Fleury), but that didn't really happen.

Obviously these stats don't prove that Fluery is a lock to go down in Penguins lore as the best goalie ever... BUT, he does have a Stanley cup to his name and like I believe most Pens fans think... his chances of getting another are probably better than 50/50(or at least I hope!!!).  

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