My Ponderings on the 2010 Skills Competition

Fastest Skater - the backwards skating was really impressive... it's amazing how fast they skate backwards.  Kinda crazy that backwards, Kris Letang was less than a second slower than Mike Green was forwards.(15.2 for Green, 16.132 for Letang).

Breakaway Challenge - would have liked to seen them do more shooters(and no rookies)... I think this is one of the more enjoyable competitions.   Corey Perry's first attempt was amazing.  I know that most of the NHL players can carry the puck at least a little bit like that... but what he did was remarkable.  The fact that Ovie won this again is just stupid.  Perry should have won IMO and he was in 5th place with only 11.9% of the votes.   Being a Pens fan I would have liked to see Letang on the Breakaway challenge.

Fleury was pretty good as well, I'm happy to see him having fun with it with the jumping jacks and push ups.

Accuracy Shooting - Sedin was very impressive hitting 8 of 9 shots.  I know he's good but I basically never get to see him play.  I liked the old way better where they had 18 seconds to knock the 4 out and the least shots won... but this way wasn't too bad either.  

Skills Challenge - some of this was pretty boring.. the skating through the cones and the pucks on the ice I could have done without.  Kris Letang wasn't very impressive and really hurt his team on that one taking probably 10-15 shots to get 3 goals. 

Hardest Shot - been there done that for Chara.. 105.9 MPH is amazing but I was more impressed with Weber being that Chara wins this every year.. he's expected to hit 105(and he uses like an 8' stick). I was surprised about Nash though.. I expected him to do better than his high of 91.4 MPH.  I think they should have given each player 3 shots though...  I just felt 2 wasn't enough to really show off.. I mean Chara gained 2 MPH on his 3rd shot from his 2nd shot.

Elimination Shootout - this was the only one that really showed the goalies off some(no the speed skating doesn't count).  Fleury and Lundqvist were the most impressive stopping 7 of 8 in their first rounds and then fleury went 1 for 3 in his second and Lundvist stopped all 3 his second round.  Once again Perry was the best player in the competition scoring on all 3 of his shots.  

Overall - I pretty much enjoyed the competition.  I could have done without the rookies... I felt having the rookies in this was taking away a shot of seeing one of the better players participate. 

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