I have a story and a question.....NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY!!!!

Hey Sabbac here!

I NEVER post anything . The fact is, I’m just not as well spoken (Written ? …. See what I mean!) as some of the rest of you. The reason that I’m posting NOW is something’s been sticking in my craw for about a month now and I got to let it out. The story has two parts. I’ll keep this as short as possible, because, well I’m tired and the 1-4 performance is just draining.

Part One (or “Oh Canadians!”)

On November 19th of this year, three Yinzers, who have found each other at various bars on the Treasure Coast of Florida, took a trip to the Panthers-Pens game. We found tickets in Row 12 of Section 112 of the Bank Atlantic Center. We are used to loud cheering and having fun and the only rule we had was “No CURSING!!!!”. Well a couple of fellows were sitting in front of us didn’t take too kindly to two of our pals in particular. One of the three of us is a little Indian guy (5’6, 150 or so). He happened to yell “DUUUUUUPES” when one of the folks turned around and got in his grill. He didn’t get in the face of the 6’2 or 6’5 guys who were yelling, just the guy he thought he could bully.

PROBLEM: 5’6 Injun is a combat vet and a former (not by much) United States Marine who is NOW a Federal Officer. He’s been bullied a lot in his life and HATES BULLIES. It got NASTY. The resolution was that he’d discuss it in the parking lot after the game. The two Gentlemen in front of us kind of got the message.

After the first period all my pals left for beer (shocking I know.) I tried to smooth it over with the neighbors to our front. They were older and to tell you the truth, I was trying to AVOID a fight…..I’ve seen our favorite little guy in a brawl and I just wanted to have a good time (so does HE, usually). Luckily I was able to negotiate some kind of peace and by the time the boys got back, I introduced them to our two new friends, Mark and Russell, Hockey Scouts.

Part Two (or “Loose Lips give good insider Fantasy Hockey tips”)

As usual, the little guy was the one those two warmed up to. The rest of us are used to it, so we just watched the back and forth “Questions and Answer” session during the down time in the game. THEY wanted to know about overseas and where he’d been, and HE wanted to know about any insider hockey info. As usual the topics came to ‘’When’s Sid coming back?” We all chimed. The scouts were very confident and united in their response as to why he was waiting at that time, especially at the end.

Their answer : “It’s till his insurance runs out, and we don’t blame him at all.”

He ended up coming back the following Monday. But now he’s out again.

Who knows if these dudes were legit? They knew A LOT of stuff about the sport and the DID have cards that ID’d them.

But still, has ANYONE heard this?

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