Fun with Advanced Stats: Penguins 2010-11 Forward's review

I know most people cringe when they see the words "Advanced stats," but I’m hoping this little exercise will help you and me see that they’re not that scary.  All of these numbers were pulled from the wonderful Behind the net website.  The categories used were influenced very heavily by the recent posts on Lowetide as he breaks down what they all mean with individual player reviews.  It’s fantastic and I highly recommend reading his blog, it may even help you understand what’s represented here.

The stats used are 5X5 P/60, which is simply even strength five on five point production per 60 minutes.  5X4 P/60, is the same as above except in five on four powerplay situations.  Qual Comp is a measure of the quality of opponents faced.  The higher the number the tougher your opposition is.  Qual Team is a measure of the quality of your teammates.  The higher the number the better your linemates are.  Corsi Rel, is something I’m not going to try to explain because I don’t understand it.  To finish off I listed Off Zone Start%, Off Zone Finish% and the difference between the two percentages.  Off Zone Start% tells us where on the ice those players started their shift when comparing offensive and defensive zone starts.  The higher the number the more advantageous for the player.  Off Zone Finish% is where that player finished their shift.  The higher the % the better.  The third one is the difference between the two, and it really shows who’s carrying the mail so to speak.

While I have lots of thoughts and opinions on what I see, I’d like for you guys to see if this information meshes with what you’ve been watching.  Is there anything that surprises you?  Do you like what you see?

5X5 P/60
Crosby 3.98
Kunitz 2.36
Malkin 2.17
Kennedy 1.86
Neal 1.85
Staal 1.84
Cooke 1.79
Dupuis 1.66
Asham 1.57
Letestu 1.56
Kovalev 1.41
Rupp 1.31
Conner 1.29
Talbot 1.12
Adams 0.83
5X4 P/60
Kennedy 4.88
Crosby 4.62
Malkin 3.08
Letestu 2.70
Kunitz 2.54
Neal 2.41
Staal 2.33
Kovalev 2.17
Rupp 0.94
Qual Comp
Staal 0.031
Kennedy 0.025
Dupuis 0.020
Letestu 0.019
Crosby 0.017
Cooke 0.011
Kunitz 0.009
Neal 0.004
Conner -0.006
Malkin -0.009
Kovalev -0.023
Talbot -0.025
Adams -0.037
Rupp -0.061
Asham -0.084
Qual Team
Neal 0.259
Kunitz 0.217
Staal 0.168
Dupuis 0.159
Kovalev 0.132
Crosby 0.112
Kennedy 0.042
Malkin 0.012
Talbot -0.056
Letestu -0.078
Adams -0.094
Conner -0.127
Cooke -0.179
Asham -0.183
Rupp -0.265
Corsi Rel
Malkin 16.1
Kennedy 10.5
Letestu 10.2
Neal 9.6
Conner 5.2
Kunitz 4.3
Crosby 3.3
Staal 0.3
Talbot -2.9
Cooke -3.0
Kovalev -3.1
Rupp -7.7
Dupuis -9.2
Asham -10.1
Adams -15.3
Off Zone Start % Off Zone Finish% Off Zone Finish - Start %
Asham 57.9 Conner 55.0 Crosby 6.4
Neal 57.4 Letestu 53.7 Kunitz 0.4
Conner 56.2 Crosby 53.4 Kennedy 0.2
Rupp 56.1 Neal 52.3 Adams -0.8
Letestu 56.0 Kennedy 52.1 Dupuis -0.9
Malkin 54.7 Kovalev 50.9 Cooke -1.0
Talbot 54.2 Malkin 50.6 Conner -1.2
Kovalev 53.3 Kunitz 50.1 Staal -1.3
Kennedy 51.9 Adams 50.0 Letestu -2.3
Adams 50.8 Talbot 49.9 Kovalev -2.4
Kunitz 49.7 Rupp 49.0 Malkin -4.1
Cooke 49.5 Cooke 48.5 Talbot -4.3
Dupuis 48.9 Dupuis 48.0 Neal -5.1
Staal 48.5 Staal 47.2 Rupp -7.1
Crosby 47.0 Asham 45.4 Asham -12.5

The content expressed in fanposts does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff here at FanPosts are opinions expressed by fans of various teams throughout the league but may be more Pittsburgh-centric for obvious reasons.

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