Trades to Chase

Since we don't see many alluring options for Sid's winger in the current market, Ray Shero may have to do the tough work of landing a player via trade. In this post, I would like to discuss who the Penguins can offer and suggest some target players.

I'll show you mine, then you show me yours.

This information isn't necessarily new, but I want to review our end of the bargain. I'll mention the forwards, then put more focus on the defense.

With the current free agent market full of bottom-6 forwards, I would suggest that Tyler Kennedy is replaceable. Tangradi and Jeffrey could also be packaged without much damage but would not land much return on their own.

I am hesitant to say that Paul Martin could be part of a trade since the team would be left with a hole in defense, but because the players I am chasing are not in the market, the Pens may have to make sacrifices.

If moving Martin is too costly of a trade for this season, we have heard that Simon Despres and new-comer Brian Dumoulin could be moved for the right target. These d-men are ready for bottom-d minutes at the NHL level and seem to me to be better trade options than other prospects in our system since Strait and Bortuzzo (to my knowledge) have not officially be resigned and because Morrow/Pouliot and Harrington/Maatta have linemate chemistry and might need another year to make the big club (though might not). I like the idea of keeping our future pairs together.

Lastly, Ben Lovejoy might also go easily, but Deryk Engelland might put up a fight (get it?). I am not saying that Engo should be traded, but since we have some guys who could be ready for bottom-6 minutes, he might sweeten a deal (or maybe I should say toughen the trade?).

Please don't get me wrong-- I am not suggesting that all of these players be lumped into an 8-10 player package, and let us not forget about draft picks. I just don't see players like Cooke, Vitale, Adams, Dupuis, nor Orpik being sent away due to their roles on the team.

Order Up

Now, we have the more interesting part-- the targeted players. This collection lists top wingers around the league who fit the mold of a 20g/50pt+ sort of fellow and show enough promise to potentially fit this role as a long term solution. These players are between the ages of 24 to 29 because any players younger will probably be too precious to swap and older players may have passed their prime. I didn't necessary demand the upper limit in compiling this list; it just sort of worked out that way.(Players listed by 2011 points)

Player Team Age Points 2011 Points 2010 Points 2009 Cap Hit (Millions) Signed Until
Jason Pominville BUF 29 73 52 62 5.3 2013/2014
Loui Eriksson DAL 26 71 73 71 4.25 2015/2016
Matt Moulson NYI 28 69 53 48 3.13 2013/2014
Milan Lucic BOS 24 62 62 20 4.083 2012/2013
Thomas Vanek BUF 28 61 73 53 7.14 2013/2014
Corey Perry ANA 27 60 98 76 5.325 2012/2013
Bobby Ryan ANA 25 57 71 64 5.1 2014/2015
Brad Marchand BOS 24 55 41 1 2.5 2012/2013
Ryan Callahan NYR 27 54 48 37 4.275 2013/2014
t.j. oshie STL 25 54 34 48 2.35 rfa
Andrew Ladd WIN 26 50 59 38 4.4 2015/2016

I also want to suggest some honorable mentions who might be short term rentals or gambles. They include: Alex Tanguay (CAL), Drew Stafford (BUF)(fans willing), Martin Erat and Patric Hornqvist (NSH), Brenden Morrow (DAL)(back problems, may be relegated to 3rd line, though fans also willing), and Andy McDonald (STL).

So, You're Saying There's A Chance?

-Anaheim has suggested they want a 2C in exchange for Ryan, so Perry probably demands the same. Anaheim needed some D, but filled those holes via free agency.

-Boston's roster hasn't changed much over the last few seasons, so trading with this stubborn team is not likely, especially since we compete rather directly with them.

-Buffalo has a wealth of strong wingers, but also has too many D. Like Anaheim, they want to strengthen the center position in trade.

-Calgary might have been more willing to trade Tanguay before losing two of their top-6 this summer but now might have to slide him up the roster.

-Dallas simply will not give up Jamie Benn, and I am not so convinced that they are likely to move Eriksson either. While Morrow may be shuttled quickly, the former(?) captain may be passed his prime.

-Nashville is trying not to be in panic mode right now. While they might take on defensemen willingly, it is hard to imagine that they would part with their wingmen.

-With Parenteau leaving the Island, Okposo and Moulson are likely stuck stranded.

-Would the Rangers trade to a contender? Fans are mad about Rupp and Asham "stealing" roster spots. While they laughed off accepting Paul Martin, they may consider a better offer.

-St. Louis is probably more likely to seek out vets rather than prospects since they couldn't turn their regular season success into playoff advancement, but TK, Martin, or Engo/Lovejoy might get them thinking in various packages.

-Lastly, like the Isles, we beat on Winnipeg pretty often, so I am not sure they would give up a better player without a hefty return, but that same song and dance has been said about all of these players.


It isn't going to be easy, but these players seem more likely to be targeted rather than Nash or Iginla, Let's see if Shero can make a splash. I would be happy to read your thoughts on these options or others you might prefer. If you have read anything on the asking price for any of these targets or have a package that seems reasonable, post your best.

The content expressed in fanposts does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff here at FanPosts are opinions expressed by fans of various teams throughout the league but may be more Pittsburgh-centric for obvious reasons.

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