Pens Points Friday: Three Games, Five Days

Joel Auerbach

Your daily roundup of news and goings-on around the NHL.

Happy Friday everyone,

This was an eventful week even though the Pens only played once so far. [They filled their time practicing and doing photo shoots with puppies and kittens.] As the Olli excitement hopefully settles down (given he's not the first nor the last 19-year-old to appear in this league), we can hopefully turn our attention to other things. Like, Kris Letang is finally playing tonight after hurting his knee during practice at West Point three weeks ago.

I liked this article and the theme struck me. It's a long season, and it's not how you start but how you finish. I don't really know this website, but why not check out new things every once in a while. God knows if I have to read another article about a guy playing in the NHL versus going back to juniors and how it will affect his development I will shoot myself.

Chances are we're going to see Jeff Zatkoff (remember him?) play in one of the next three games: tonight against the Isles, tomorrow against the Leafs, or Monday against Carolina.

After the Red Sox unceremoniously lost, I saw the last period of Caps at Oilers. The Oilers have got to be the unluckiest team in hockey, and the Caps just kept scoring. One of these years someone will put up 70 goals, and why not our favorite gap-toothed exuberant character.

Iron Mike Keenan is currently coaching Geno's old team Metallurg Magnitogorsk (succeeding Paul Maurice). Here is a really good piece on how his coaching style translates to Russian.

The Hawks and the Bolts had a fun game tonight in which many goals were scored, none more perplexing than the Matt Carle own goal (credited to Toews). At least Tampa ended up winning. 2 goals, 2 assists for Stamkos. If Sid is idle for another day, he'll be overtaken by half the league.

This guy will be a part of a 1-2 punch in goal that may very well lead Finland to an Olympic medal. We've already gotten to know Tuukka Rask better than we ever wanted to, but now let's meet Antti Niemi. in the evolution of a star goaltender.

Geno and puppies, because there is nothing better in the world. Go Pens.

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