Final Regular Season Bubble Charts

The NHL regular season officially ended last night, and the advanced stats databases were updated shortly thereafter to include the most recent results. So I figured it was time for one last Bubble Chart. As usual, I will be looking at how the players perform both offensively and defensively. So I took the 5-on-5 Zone Start Adjusted data for Goals, Shots, and Fenwick. I combined the Shots and Fenwick together to create a unified Possession stat, allowing me to compare Possession HARO vs Possession HARD QoC and Possession HARD vs Possession QoC in order to evaluate players based on their personal strengths. The size of the bubbles are using the Goals data, with Goals HARO on the offensive chart and Goals HARD on the defensive chart. And for the first time I decided to also look at special teams, using Possession HARO vs Possession HARD QoC with Goals HARO sized bubbles for the Power Play, and Possession HARD vs Possession HARO QoC with Goals HARD sized bubbles for the Penalty Kill. The numbers inside the bubble are the individual player jersey numbers, and white bubbles with yellow bordered black text are negative values, while yellow bubbles with black bordered yellow text are positive values.

5-on-5 Zone Start Adjusted HARO


5-on-5 Zone Start Adjusted HARD


5-on-4 Power Play HARO


4-on-5 Penalty Kill HARD


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