Tuesday Pens Points: Pens Win Tight Game vs. Ottawa, Stamkos Returns

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Pens beat Sens in a tight, playoff-like game that featured opportunistic scoring and excellent goaltending. Stammer to return on Saturday. Worrisome new research on head injuries. True cost of injuries to NHL players is staggering.

Steven Stamkos is set for Saturday return from broken tibia. [The Globe & Mail]

The Pens beat the Sens 2-1 on a James Neal terrific OT goal [USA Today]

They outshot the Senators 13-8 in the first, 16-8 in the second, 15-9 in the third and 4-0 in overtime. [Reuters]

James Neal finally found his shooting touch, aided by some precious patience. [PPG - Molinari]

Marc-Andre Fleury's glove save on Karlsson was both incredible and a game-saver. [Sporting News]

Kris Letang missed third consecutive game with a mysterious illness. [Trib Review]

From the other side, complaints that the Sens lacked energy. They were interfering quite energetically from my perch. [Ottawa Citizen]

It's only the beginning of February, but we heard the words "playoff hockey" last night repeatedly. True? [Times Online]

Moving on to what everyone wants to talk about - trade targets for the Penguins. [Penguins 101]

Some are speculating Shero will surprize/amaze us again. I'm not sure whether to hope for/against it. [Sports Journal]

The resurgent Leafs are thankful for their Sochi-bound Americans. [The Globe & Mail]

I watched this game last night. The Blue Jackets easily beat the Ducks in Anaheim. Well done. [USA Today]

New research shows that even first head injury changes the brain. [The Globe & Mail]

The true cost of injuries to NHL players: $218-million each season. [The Globe & Mail]

Peeve of the day: I read probably 30+ articles every day (well not read studiously, but kind of scan quickly with my eyes to find the best 12-15 to include here), and these days a lot of them begin with "The Pittsburgh Penguins, who find themselves in first place in the Metropolitan Division", or "Sidney Crosby, who finds himself in the scoring lead in the NHL". A lot of work goes into "finding oneself in the lead". Have a great day everyone.

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