Taking a look at Penguin contract values


PensBurgh acknowledges the great value in the contract of Pascal Dupuis and contemplates whether $8.7 million is worth it for anyone.

Sidney Crosby is All Ours


Some thoughts on the relief of signing Crosby long-term

Sidney Crosby: The Identity Crisis, pt. 2


Crosby needs to find his identity on the Pens.

Smile-Worthy Moments from the 2011-2012 Season


A look back at the highlights of the Pens' 2011-2012 season.

A Side of Sidney Crosby We Haven't Seen Before


The new side of Crosby following his responses to Milbury and Tortorella.

Why Matt Cooke's Masterton Nomination Isn't as Controversial as You Think


Matt Cooke's nomination as a Masterton Trophy finalist came with mixed reviews. Why the pick isn't as controversial as many think.

Empathizing with Sidney Crosby


I developed a sinus infection over the weekend. It wasn't fun. It apparently came from being sick the previous week and, using excellent judgement, going for a run once I thought I was healthy. In...

The end of the "BUT YOU HAVE MATT COOKE" argumentative crutch


One of the many unfortunate side effects of the Eric Nystrom hit on Kris Letang that currently has the Penguins defenseman out with a suspected concussion is the bickering amongst fan bases that...

Hey guys, take it easy on Devin Setoguchi


Everything that's right and wrong with the NHL and modern sports journalism can be encapsulated within this clip and the furor that has followed it: Game on his stick, Devin Setoguchi, one of the...

Five things the Penguins need to do EVERY DAY so we can generate lots of lists and page views


5). Put somebody on injured reserve People getting hurt sucks. Fans get worried, so they scour the internet for news. That's when we pounce, putting up a list of the worst injuries to face the P...


Five mythological beasts the Penguins need to sign RIGHT NOW


5). Skunk Ape It's an ape that smells bad. As apes are incredibly strong, just plant the skunk ape in front of the net and dare defensemen to man-up on it. Good luck with that, homie. They're...

Five dog breeds the Penguins should look into adopting, and one they should avoid, before the NHL trade deadline


5). Airedale Terrier Fiercely loyal to a fault, Airedale Terriers are strong, working class dogs bred by working class people. They "bring their lunch pail" to work and do a "yeoman-like" job....

Five MCs Penguins should acquire and one they shouldn't before the NHL trade deadline


Yes, Kanye West does show up on this list.

No Hal Gill? No problem. Why the Penguins are better off without the Nashville Predators' latest addition.


The trade deadline is almost like a dance for polygamists. Everyone needs a partner, or two, or three. It's all about finding the right match to save your season, or prepare you for the next. Some...

How Are the Pens Doing? Games 34-43


An in-depth analysis on how the Pens did in game 34-43.

Will it ever end?


Is the Penguins' slump a good indication of who the team is, or will things get better?

Sidney Crosby: The Identity Crisis


The shift from "Crosby the hockey star" to "Crosby the hockey star who has a concussion."

2011: The Year We Want to Forget


An indepth look at the forgettable 2011 season for the Penguins.

How Are the Pens Doing? Games 24-33


How the Pens have done in Games 24-33

Now the Work Begins for the Pens


Crosby's return game was a huge success, but now the work really begins for the Pens

How Are the Pens Doing? Games 4-13


Analyzing the Pens' play in games 4-13

How Much Have an Improved Neal, Malkin helped the Power Play?


How much have James Neal and Evgeni Malkin aided the power play that has been almost dormant before this season?

Charity Point Index 2010-2011


A look at what would happen if we turned the clock back to the 1998-1999 season for scoring methods in the NHL for 2010-2011.

A new way to look at player efficiency


Exploring the Penguins' GVT per time on ice.

A new way to look at player value


Managing a salary cap in today's NHL isn't simply about making sure you don't go over—apologies to Mr. Lamoriello—but about making sure you get proper value for your cap expenditures.

Thoughts On The Pens


Thoughts on the Pens thus far

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