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Oh, so close


I was getting my car filled up with gas near my house and what do I see? Looks like I have easy access to the PensBurgh congratulatory gift of choice.

A Little Help Please: Sid and Geno's Line Mates


Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin did not have the best line mates in the league this year. But how did they compare to one another? Find out inside.

June 12th, 2009


Celebrating the one year anniversary of the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup by looking at the two Game 7 heroes - Marc-Andre Fleury and Maxime Talbot.

Marc-Andre Fleury and Save Percentage: Part I


What was up with Marc-Andre Fleury this year? A two-part series attempts to break down his save percentage and try to figure out why he saw a drop in numbers.

Simon Despres named to Canada's WJC Development Roster


Pens prospect Simon Despres named to Team Canada's summer camp. His development is starting to mirror Kris Letang's, and here's the next steps..

Big news: SB Nation Pittsburgh to launch June 21st


Blog news: SB Nation Pittsburgh will go live on June 21st and I get the opportunity to write about the Penguins on this new and exciting site.

Pensburgh wrapup: Brooks Orpik


Season wrapup for defenseman Brooks Orpik

Congrats To The Chicago Blackhawks....Now The Vultures Circle


The Chicago Blackhawks are the Stanley Cup champions...But now they're in a salary cap bind.

Pensburgh wrapup: Evgeni Malkin


A review of Evgeni Malkin's 2009-10 season.

Penguins vs. Canadiens: Shot Quality


A blogger over at Brodeur is a Fraud (yes, that's the actual name of the site) looked at shots from the Pens-Habs series that were tracked according to location. He found that shots that went high were much more likely to go in than shots that were low. After eliminating some games from the consideration due to bad data, he found that the Habs had 39 high shots and the Pens had 37. The Habs did a better job at capitalizing on their chances, but this is some evidence that they had more high-quality opportunities.

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