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Flyers send series back to Chicago tied at two


The Flyers evened the series at two with a win over the Blackhawks on Friday night.

Game Four Tonight in Philly


a pseudo-preview of Game 4 between the Philadelphia Flyers and Chicago Blackhawks

The Penguins' Powerplay With and Without Gonchar


With the discussion of whether or not to re-sign Gonchar gaining momentum as July 1st gets closer, I wanted to look at just how valuable he really is to the Penguins' powerplay. Some say that he's...

Gonchar's Salary


Puck Prospectus took a look at some of the big free agents that will be available this summer, and Gonchar was one of them. Using Tom Awad's VUKOTA projection system, they estimated what Gonchar's production will be next year, and how much they think he's worth. He's the fourth one down on the page. Too much, too little, or just right?

Chris Pronger may be a jerk in our eyes, but he's still funny


Chris Pronger is a jerk, but you have to laugh

Fanhouse's Top 50 Free Agents


Something to keep in mind when you're adding that dream free agent to the Pens. I think cases have been made for the Penguins picking up almost every single one of these guys outside of Kovalchuk and Marleau. 29 other teams are vying after free agents, so remember that as July 1 approaches, especially when you'd like to propose the Penguins sign two or three top 15 free agents.

Fleury ranked 16th in NHL


Tom Awad's recent analysis shows that Marc-Andre Fleury is about the 16th-best goalie in the NHL. This puts Awad squarely between the warring Fleury factions. He looked at the MoneyGoalie side and the TerriBad side and decided that the truth sat almost exactly at the midpoint between the two (pretty much where I've been saying he is, although I've been called a Fleury apologist by the haters and a Fleury hater by the lovers). He also found--as have several others--that the spread between #1 and #40 isn't nearly as large as most people would have you believe.

Flyers Take Game 3


Flyers Take Game 3

Sidney Crosby a finalist for Mark Messier Leadership Award


Sidney Crosby nominated for end of season award bearing former player Mark Messier's name.

Pensburgh wrapup: Brent Johnson


Season wrapup of goalie Brent Johnson.

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