Are the Pens interested in Andrew MacDonald?


With Paul Martin and Kris Letang injured, the Pittsburgh Penguins may seek a defensive option so that they don't have to rely on Robert Bortuzzo or Simon Despres.

#PariseWatch and the end of the world, in 140 characters or less.


The world can relax, if just a little. KONY 2012 hasn't trended on Twitter for a few months now. The problem is over, the issue resolved. Joseph Kony, the child-mutilating, murdering, gang-rapist...

The "Yankee Bowl" improves odds for Pittsburgh to host 2011 Winter Classic


New Yankee Stadium will be too occupied with college football to host the Winter Classic. That's gotta improve Pittsburgh's odds of hosting the 2011 WC, right?

Kovalchuk to the Devils fallout...Where does Pittsburgh turn from here: Dallas Stars? Whitney? Ponikarovsky?


Now that the NJ Devils have added elite sniper Ilya Kovalchuk, will their division rivals the Pittsburgh Penguins look to make a splash at the trading deadline? And could it involve moving one of...

Chicago reporters speculate Pens to trade Jay McKee


Rumors out of Chicago say Penguins defenseman Jay McKee might be traded....Why this is totally untrue.

Carolina's Ray Whitney wants to come to Pittsburgh?


Carolina's Ray Whitney figures to be a key figure traded at the deadline. And he has a no-trade clause, so Whitney will have to agree to any deal. Is the Pittsburgh Penguins his preferred...

Gonchar, Pens continue discussions on contract extension


Defenseman Sergei Gonchar and the Penguins are talking about a contract extension again.

Sergei Gonchar still looking for the big bucks?


Reports state Sergei Gonchar may be looking for a contract extension that would be too rich for Pittsburgh's blood.

Will the Minnesota Wild "steal" Chuck Fletcher from the Penguins?


Pittsburgh Penguins assistant general manager Chuck Fletcher is a finalist for the GM job for the Minnesota Wild.

Penguins trade rumors: Kris Letang


You have last night's roster move to blame for the newest Pittsburgh Penguins trade rumor : Kris Letang.


Martin St. Louis trade rumors to the Pens...Is it realistic?


The Tampa Bay Lightning's Martin St. Louis is allegedly gaining interest from the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Let's Consider - Ryan Malone


He's a fighter, sniper, a tip-in specialist and he runs a chance of landing elsewhere before next season.  Ryan Malone, the Pittsburgh-bred left winger, turned a lot of heads in 2007/08 with his...

Let's Consider - Jarkko Ruutu


Pittsburgh's pest and hometown favorite Jarkko Ruutu runs a chance of sporting another sweater next season.  Will the guy who has elicited Ruuuuuuuuu's from the crowd stay amongst the fans who have...

The Calm Before the Storm?


When you take on the responsibilities that come with blogging about a team you're guaranteed the regular season right off the bat.  If you're lucky (or the team is skillful) the season will extend...

Let's Consider - Evgeni Malkin


Stories are just starting to surface now in regards to Malkin's performance in the Finals.  Similar to how Crosby played with a broken toe/fractured foot in the first round last season, Malkin was...

Let's Consider - Marian Hossa


Of all the drama surrounding free agents and re-signings and blah blah blah; let us not forget one of the biggest names [potentially] on the market - Marian Hossa.  Some believe he wants the cash,...

Let's Consider - Brooks Orpik


While I thoroughly rank anything written by Eklund at Hockeybuzz right up there with that which I pick up when I take my dog for a walk, I thought that at the least we could see what Captain...

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