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So Much for That...


Well I didn't hear back from two of the Rangers bloggers contacted.  Ironically, combined with The PensBlog (who elected to contact the Blueshirt Bulletin) that makes for three Rangers blogs...

The Center Ice Handshake


Keeping with the same tradition as playoff teams, SLC from Five for Smiting and I have decided to do our own version of a center ice handshake.  Since this is done merely in e-mail/letter form, we...

Penguins Sweep Senators


A dejected Gerber watches the Pens sweep the series In what was quite possibly the closest game of the series, Pittsburgh powered their way to a 3-1 retaliation victory to eliminate the Ottawa...

Penguins vs Senators - Game 4 Open Thread


Game 4 In Ottawa at 7pm Pittsburgh leads the series 3-0 Watch on FSN, Yahoo! or listen live on WXDX.com. NOTES Let's see if they do this again:This really got the Senators going the other...

Make it Three : Penguins Edge 4-1 Win Over Senators


Prophetic? Five minutes into game three and looked like it was on its way to a new series.  The 2-0 deficit that the Penguins held over the Senators looked as if it would fall victim to the...

Can Confidence Prevent a Potential Sweep?


Well, Paul from Five for Smiting thinks so.  And he's not afraid to boast in another letter to Pensburgh.  I sent the first attack this time, and so SLC has returned in suit with this hearty...

Keeping Up on Playoff Stats


The first two games are out of the way and Pittsburgh heads off for a road trip.  While you're relaxing on what I hope is just a lazy Sunday, take a look over at some of the series' stats so far....

Pens Survive Late Senators Surge, Win Game Two: 5-3


Somewhere Ray Emery is breathing a sigh of relief... Ask any goalie in any level of hockey and he'll probably tell you the same thing; if you stop 49 shots on any given night, you deserve the...

The Ottawa Sun - Feces in Print


Last week I took my dog out for a walk.  Being the good and respectable neighbor that I am, I was sure to bring newspaper and a plastic bag with me to pick up his 'business.'  The newspaper was...

The Day After


Following the game one win, I figured we could see how Sens fans are reacting to the loss.  Apparently they're not all taking it too well, especially that waste of oxygen Don Brennan.  Read on...F...

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