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Mount Murray: Pens Big Defender Stifling Isles

Douglas Murray is Pittsburgh's slowest skater. So why is he the only one who has contained the Islanders' speedy forecheck?

Can Upset-Minded Islanders Exploit Penguins PK?

As these things so often tend to do, the Penguins-Islanders Quarterfinals series will come down to who wins the special teams game. Pittsburgh's PK had better improve on recent postseasons if they want to get out of the first round.


Lack Of PP Opp -Much Ado About Nothing (Part 2)

To recap. from Part 1. We know that power play opportunities are down league wide (7.08/gm to 6.8/gm). Compared to last years totals, the Canucks have not had a similar drop so far. (3.61/gm. to...

Hockey Analytics 2011 NHL Review

One of my favorite hockey analysis websites is back with their 2011 NHL Review - a massive 90 page document that details the performance of teams and players during the 2010-2011 NHL season. The writing is clear and thorough, and the author (Alan Ryder) provides a great introduction to his Player Contribution (PC) tool. The spreadsheet with PC data is also included for reference and reader exploration. It's a very educational and eye-opening look at the relative value of individual players. The 90-page length makes this a slightly daunting, but very rewarding way for stat-geeks like me to spend some time reading about performance in the NHL.

Jackets Fans: Light at the End of the Tunnel

As is typical, teams come out of the gate too fast or in the case of the Jackets too slow. I've linked an article that can be summarized in one sentence if you don't have the time/aren't into hockey advanced stats: "The Blue Jackets have stunk, but most of that is due to random chance as opposed to them being the worst club in the NHL. " The Jackets are on the opposite end of the spectrum from the Rangers, my club, but infact are looking better at 5v5 in general when it comes to the numbers. The Jackets will snap out of their bad luck (only a matter of how soon), and if you know any Rangers fans make sure you tell them that you "had a hunch" when the Blueshirts go on a "random" (the NYR fan will say this) slide eventually.

Game Six Scoring Chances: The Jackets Strike Back...But Lose

[Ed. Note -- This post was written by and should be attributed to Josh Lile] The 2011 Stars season ended with a chance to go to the playoffs with a win. The Stars lost. If they had been able to...

Dallas Stars' Kari Lehtonen Living Up To Elite Potential

With the Texas Rangers all set to start the World Series tonight in St. Louis, Dallas Stars defenseman Sheldon Souray offered up a very apt comparison for just how important Kari Lehtonen has been...

Looking for Clues Behind the Post Olympic Break Collapse of the Stars Defense

Looking for Clues Behind the Post Olympic Break Collapse of the Stars Defense

Alfredsson has decade's third highest point total among NHL players

Daniel Alfredsson has the third highest NHL points total of the decade, behind only Joe Thornton and Jarome Iginla. He also has the third highest assists total, and eighth highest goal total during that time frame. We all assumed that Alfie was among the best players of the past decade, but I didn't realize he ranked that high up over the past ten years. Be sure to check out the whole article at the link, as Gabe from Behind the Net has done a great job (as always).

Evaluating Hockey Players - Three Primary Factors in Explaining Variance in Performance

A look at the issues which influence a players (or teams) performance in the NHL.

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