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Niskanen, Despres and Salary Cap Gymnastics


Pittsburgh has to get under the NHL's regressive salary cap. That's likely to bring change to the team's defense, where eight viable players are vying for six regular spots.

Will the Pittsburgh Penguins have the same level of success as last year?


That's what one blogger/writer/pundit is asking.  And frankly, with a response like this... Are the Pens as good as the team that went to the finals last year? On paper, they are not. The...

Superstitions, Traditions and Transitions


Reginald Harrington Esquire III and his 2008 playoff beard Athletes of any sport have been known to carry odd superstitions throughout their careers.  From gross to sensible, almost every play...

Penguins Shutout Flyers 6-0, Clinch Spot in Stanley Cup Finals


Don't...touch...the trophy. There ya have it.  The Penguins have moved on to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since last winning it back in 1992.  In case you were wondering why Sid...

Penguins vs Flyers, Round 3 Game 5 [Open Thread]


Game 5 In Pitt at 3:00 p.m. Penguins lead series 3-1 Watch on NBC, Yahoo! or listen live on WXDX.com. NOTES "So you’re going to have a #1 defenseman with a bum foot going against either...

Timonen to Play Sunday


"At least now I know there's no danger.  It's just a matter of how much pain I can take." Kimmo Timonen Well that right there should be enough to conclude that we can expect Timonen in he lineup...

Friends and Family of Pensburgh


Tough loss last night.  Not detrimental in any sense of the word, but just tough.  It's almost like you woke up with a hangover in regret of drinking, only to remember you never drank anything last...

Flyers Force Game 5 in 4-2 Win


Marc-Andre Fleury watches a goal slip past him Apparently at some point Thursday night the Penguins decided they were only going to play one period.  "Hell" said Crosby, "let's make it a real...

Penguins vs Flyers, Round 3 Game 4 [Open Thread]


Game 4 In Philly at 7:30 p.m. Penguins lead series 3-0 Watch on Versus, Yahoo! or listen live on WXDX.com. NOTES Could this be it?  Are the Penguins on course to sweep their cross-state...

Make It Three - Penguins Win 4-1


The Philly faithful 4-2, 4-2, 4-1...it would almost seem the offense over the past three games has been one-sided.  Philly can blame it on Coburn/Timmonen, but frankly the scores don't represent...

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