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On Character

Below is the link to an article On Character and the Penguins' 10-3 Win over Philadelphia in Game 3. For once, I think I kept the F-bombs to a minimum, but as always my writing comes with a "R"...


STOP WITH THE SHENANIGANS: Pens Injuries and Expected Returns (NEW POLL)

Another Pensburgher posted a list of our injured players in a fanpost, and I decided that I wanted more information: like what's wrong with them, and when we might start seeing them come back to...

Grading Ray Shero: Part III, The Finale


The final 2009-10 grade for General Manager Ray Shero is...

Grading Ray Shero: Part II


A roundtable discussion revolving around General Manager Ray Shero and his moves that may have improved or damaged the team in 2010.

Shero's work over the top


Ron Cook actually makes sense! Very well written article that really makes me wish it was October already....

Pens' Shero, Hamhuis talk, but not numbers


Shero talked to Hamhuis today about the kind of role he'd have on the Pens. Also, nothing has changed regarding to Gonch, they're still at deadlock in terms of the number of years.

Analysis: A new Cup formula brewing for Penguins


I know it's Rossi here, but he actually makes a lot of sense. He says that the Pens want to sign Gonch AND Hamhuis because the depth at wing this FA is uniRay mpressive to Shero. If that plan doesn't work out, they want to find other high priced FA D-man. I love the offense we have and want to improve it, but I really like this plan.


Penguin's Paparazzi - Poni,Flower Power,Shero: Practice Tidbits 3/5/10

Hello HOCKEY FANS!! I have been attending some of the Penguins open practices for a couple of years now, and I always take a ton of photos & have great stories to tell about the players with inside...

Ray Shero feature on Fanhouse


It's part of an ongoing series Adam Gretz is putting together this summer. Gives you a solid insight into RS, along with the impact his father had on hockey and just how much hockey really flows through his veins.

Sergei Gonchar cleared for contact, Shero talkin trades


Two solid stories developing around the Penguins today.  First and foremost, Sergei Gonchar was cleared for contact in practice.  Just over a week ago Gonch was advised to not go overboard with...

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