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Crosby gets praise from his hockey idol, Yzerman

Stevie Y probably would like to have him on his team (although he has another 2-3 very good players in TB)... But, seriously, I think it's great that Yzerman always has something nice to say about Sid.

Picking Fights on Twitter, Sidney Crosby Edition

Pretty funny... obviously fake, but it gave me a laugh nonetheless.

Crosby's solo career

Basically ragging on everyone who gets put on Crosby's line.

The Best of Sid on NHL.com

A nice collection of highlights the NHL has put up of Sid's year. It would be just that during the hockey season, but right now it really makes me wish it was October. Or, even September.


Found this, while reading an article, in Google ads. Articles are one thing, but an entire website dedicated to something that Sid has basically completely cut out of his game?! People are crazy sometimes, I guess. The "normal" Crosby hate is one thing, but this is a new stratosphere. It's kind of funny because out of all the horrible things some other athletes have done, Sid is probably still in the top 5 in terms of most hated. I'm pretty sure the hate for Sid is greater right now than it is for Ben Roethlisberger.It's sad to see such a nice and classy person be hated so much.

Crosby’s class vs. Ovechkin’s crass (Part Two)

A second article and multiple videos showing Sidney Crosby going out of his way for fans, while Alexander Ovechkin once again displays a genuine lack of interest when it comes to pleasing autograph seekers. Sid the Kid gets better and better, he's the man.

Crosby respects fans, while Ovechkin breaks cameras

This article chronicles the respect Sidney Crosby shows his fans and the level of disdain Alexander Ovechkin exhibits towards his. Included is video of Crosby patiently accommodating his home fans at Melon Arena and Ovechkin breaking a fan’s camera in Vancouver.

Empty Netters: Sidney Crosby playing tonight

Sid also skated with Kunitz and Guerin in practice. As Dayna put it - "Sounds interesting." (Thanks for the linkage Dayna - post as a fanshot next time and I can promote it to the front page)

Sidney Crosby out of lineup for tonight's game

Hopefully it's starting to get better. He did skate today but mentioned he isn't in any shape to play.

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