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Will it ever end?


Is the Penguins' slump a good indication of who the team is, or will things get better?

Swisher Benched On the Big Stage


On this World Series off-day, anyone up for some Swisher-bashing?

Game 76 Preview: Devils @ Rangers


This is a preview of the Devils game against the Rangers, both teams who go into the game with consecutive losses. For the Devils, the goal is just to get a win for winning's sake!

Devils Give Away Game to Carolina in 2-1 Loss at the Rock


The New Jersey Devils tried to win this game 1-0, but ultimately gave the game away on defensive lapses to lose to Carolina 2-1.

Ozzie goes off video


Ozzie goes off video

Last 13 Games


Team Record: 7-6 Pitching Staff Offense: Batting Average w/RISP: .182

Gonzales suggests lineup changes


1. Lf Carlos Quentin. Highest on-base percentage at .399, and at least he can drive himself in with a team-high nine home runs. 2. C A.J. Pierzynski. A left-handed hitter helps in the second spot, and Pierzynski is batting .303 and has only 10 strikeouts. 3. RF Jermaine Dye. The only middle-of-the-order hitter who is producing. 4. 1B Paul Konerko. Only 11 extra base hits but has fewer strikeouts (24) than Dye, Nick Swisher or Jim Thome. 5. 3B Joe Crede. Will end up his career as a No. 5 hitter (cleanup if he plays for San Francisco), so why not give him a chance now? 6. CF Swisher. On-base percentage has dipped to .331, but having a switch-hitter in the middle of the order helps - if the game is on the lineup late in games. Brian Anderson deserves more of a look somewhere, based on his power potential and satisfying his unpaid advisers. 7. DH Jim Thome. Take away his first two at-bats vs. Sabathia, and he's batting .212 vs. left-handers. It's worth giving Alexei Ramirez a chance against left-handers. Anderson also could serve as DH, but team would lose one of its best defensive outfielders. 8. SS Orlando Cabrera. More of a top-of-the-order hitter, but .224 average doesn't reflect his track record. 9. 2B Juan Uribe. Recently raised his batting average over .200.

Konerko to sit Wednesday


Manager Ozzie Guillen said he plans to keep clean-up hitter Paul Konerko out of the White Sox lineup Wednesday against Minnesota. Guillen said Konerko was jammed by a pitch from Boof Bonser and hurt his hand during Tuesday night's 3-1 loss. Konerko was in the trainer's room after the game and was unavailable for comment. With Thursday serving as an day off, it's possible the extra rest could help Konerko heal and return to the lineup Friday night at Toronto.

Tuesday Morning Rockpile:


So, it's the first game that counts against the Padres since last October's tie-breaker when Matt Holliday scored the winning run in the bottom of the 13th inning. Trevor Hoffman remains one of the...

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