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The WHA and The Caps

In today's Caps Clips the subject of who was the best player to play his entire career for the Caps, and in that discussion, the Bengt Gusstafsson's time in the WHA came up when he played for...

2012 NHL Offseason: Making The Case For Alexander Semin


Alexander Semin would be a great addition for the Rangers and would cost less than Rick Nash to acquire, come talk about it with us

Braden Holtby Auto RC Lot on eBay.....


Hopefully this isn't against the rules.....if it is...I apologize and understand if this is removed. I posted a (10) card Braden Holtby RC lot on eBay yesterday. It has 3 factory autographed cards and the other 7 are all serial numbered.

Rangers Caps Open Thread: Post Game And 24/7


Post game and 24/7 open thread

Senators lose 2-2 tie to Capitals 2-1


A recap of Ottawa's loss to the Washington Capitals


Game 5: Ottawa Senators @ Washington Capitals

An open thread for the game between the Ottawa Senators and Washington Capitals on 15 October 2011.

Varlamov to become UFA?


Well, I don't know about you, but I would be a happy camper picking Semyon up as a backup (and as a potential replacement) as this articles states he may become a UFA. Coming from Chesnokov,I do not know how substantiated this is, but it would make sense that the Capitals would find it prudent to allow Neuvirth and Holtby to battle it out in the Washington crease. Semyon is currently an RFA coming off of a $821,667 contract. Would you like to see the Devils sign a potential UFA in Varlamov to back up Brodeur? Is this feasible? Thoughts? UPDATE: As Triumph had gleaned when this post went up, Varlamov has indeed bolted for the KHL

Rangers Recap: Game 5 Loss to Capitals Ends Rangers' Season


Postgame recap of the Rangers' Game 5 elimination loss to the Capitals.

Rangers Recap: Rangers Collapse on 3-0 Lead, Lose in Double OT to Caps; WSH Leads Series 3-1


Postgame recap of the Rangers 4-3 Double OT loss to the Caps in Game 4.

Rangers Recap: Rangers Cut Capitals' Series Lead to 2-1


Recap of Rangers' 3-2 Win over Caps in Game 3.

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