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If you're here from the transfer over from blogspot than thanks for sticking with us!  On a similar note, if you're new to the page then thanks for stopping by and glad to have you with us.  


Pensburgh is looking to build a community for the fans by the fans to discuss everything about the Pittsburgh Penguins.  All you have to do is take 60 seconds (less if you type faster) to create an account.  Nothing overly personal.  All you have to do is designate a user name and provide an e-mail address (which will not be given out to anyone.)


Pensburgh offers a unique blog within a blog for its users.  This is known as a diary, a place where you can post and discuss a story you found online, dispel or spread rumors,  post your own game recaps or discuss anything pertinent to the team and the sport.  Relevant diary entries can and will be posted (with credit given) on the main Pensburgh site.  


Pensburgh also offers Live Game threads.  This is exactly what it says it is.  Prior to the game's broadcast, I will post a story titled "Open thread" followed by the matchup for the forthcoming game.  Consider it a chatroom if you will, a place for all of us to talk about the game, complain about the announcers and discuss the repetitiveness of commercials in the comments section.

In the future I plan on posting interviews with staff, players in the system and writers from other Penguins blogs and books.  


So sign up now and become a member of Pensburgh.  Don't forget that once you make a name to post a diary just saying a little something about yourself.  Include your favorite Pens moment just for the fun of it.

Come be a part of Pensburgh and cheer on your Pittsburgh Penguins!

Pensburgh Editor

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