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Pregame Scratches - Line Adjustments - One Hill Saga

First off, Pensburgh would like to extend a warm welcome to its newest member Dunman.  Welcome aboard!  We love seeing more Pens fans flock to the site (get it...birds...flock) and we hope you can find the time to join us for an open thread either tonight or sometime soon!

Dunham will also be following the Pens' fights throughout the season.  You can take a look at what he's put together already in his diary Tales of the Tape.

Onward with some Pens news.

Few adjustments to the roster tonight definitely worth mentioning.  First off, it looks like the newcomer Ryan Stone will have his shot tonight on the lines with Laraque and Taffe.  Taffe has certainly been gelling well with Big George.  Seeing as how both Taffe and Stone played together in WBS within the past month, I'd imagine there will be some pre-existing chemistry there already.  Only tonight will tell for sure.

Perhaps the flu is what led to Stone's promotion tonight as both Tyler Kennedy and Erik Christensen are sidelined.  Hopefully the flu bug stops there.  No single team has managed to stop the Pens in the past seven games, but I'd hate to see it come from a virus of all things.

[Edit 4:39pm] Max Talbot will also be back in the line tonight after finally recovering from his high-ankle sprain sustained back in December against the Flames.  His return should hopefully pump up the 23rd ranked penalty kill unit.[/Edit]

The Trib-Review has been keeping on top of the One Hill saga.  Basically, the people of One Hill are mad at the city because of promises made but never followed through on.  
One Hill is:

"frustrated over vague promises city and county officials have made to support a long-sought grocery store, social service programs and arena jobs for Hill District residents."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Another meeting is planned for tomorrow.  For the full story click here.

Open thread to come tonight.  7:30pm against the Lightning.

If you haven't made a username already we'd love to have you aboard here at Pensburgh.  But if you're still a little comment-shy and want to get warmed up a bit, anonymous comments are still turned on.