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Recchi Talks

The Trib-Review ran a story on Mark Recchi and his obvious ties with the Pittsburgh Penguins.  When first picked up off waivers from the Thrash, Recchi was quoted as saying, "They'll [Penguins] see."  It hasn't changed much since then, but he seems to be a bit more neutral on the subject now.

"Whether it's a trade or what happened to me, it's not a big deal," Recchi said. "I'm here, I'm trying to help these guys, I think I can still play, and it's just a matter of focusing on the things that I need to focus on because I can't control that stuff. I can only control how I play now."
Mark Recchi, Tribune-Review

Either way, the guy ran three separate stints with the Pens.  He even left the way below average Pens team midway through the 2005 season to go win a cup with Carolina.  So in retrospect, the game works both ways.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the guys for a little bit and won't see them until (today at the game) after that," Recchi said. "I really enjoyed the guys there, the younger guys, the older guys, whatever. I really enjoyed it there."
Mark Recchi, Tribune-Review

Perhaps the little bit of tension has washed clean from Recchi's hands.  Or maybe he just feels more in a position to talk now that he's a first-liner again with Kovalchuk.  I'd always enjoyed watching Recchi on the Pens.  If this is his last year, which it may in fact be, then I'm happy to see him go out with an NHL team as opposed to the minor league affiliate WBS Pens.

"Kovy is a lot of fun to play with and him and Sid are a lot alike with their passion for the game, and Geno (Evgeni Malkin) and Jordan (Staal) and all the young guys I played with," Recchi said. "But I've never seen anyone shoot the puck like he does, and I didn't realize how big he was."
Mark Recchi, Tribune-Review

At least he gives cred to the players.  At first when I heard of his initial aggravation with the team, I thought, "What the hell do you expect?"  After all, it wasn't like he was putting up points (2 goals and 6 assists in 19 games).  Then I realized, it wasn't so much the fans and the players he was mad at as much as it was the owners and management.  Team management, similar to the real working world has its similarities.  He wasn't producing, so he was laid off.  His extensive resume chock full of examples of leadership and cup wins made him and easy hire for a team looking for that veteran spark.

Pens vs Thrash tonight at 7:30pm.  Open thread to follow.