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Irony Kills - Pens Get Recch'd 3-2 in SO

Similar to Sid's fairy tale ending in the Winter Classic, so to was the ending to last night's game against the Thrashers.  Only difference being of course, it didn't come down to Sid.

Former Penguin (three times over) Mark Recchi was previously 0-4 in the shootout this season.  
He accumulated eight points in 19 games with the Pens before being dropped to waivers and finding a new home in Atlanta.  
There was 'unfair treatment' from the Pens camp to Recchi.
He had an assist on the night.
He sought vengeance.

And all of that culminated to one shootout shot on Ty Conklin in the top of the fourth.  Deke, shoot, backhand, goal.  Recchi sealed the deal for the Thrash and sent the Pens home with an overtime loss.  Leave it to Mark Recchi to end the Pens' win streak.  Hell, he did it when he was on the Pens too.

But enough about that.  He ended the win streak, NOT the point streak.  With that in mind, the Pens have won 19-straight points in the past nine games.  

I know, I know.  Shut up.  It's my serenity.

Quick Recap
Didn't get a chance to watch the first ten minutes of the first, but the game was tied 1-1 when I turned it on.  Sid notched the first one for the Pens and Kovalchuk lit up one for the Thrash.  

In the second period Crosby sent home his second to put the Pens in the lead 2-1.

Sykora decides to slash and goes to the box for four minutes.  The Penguins killed off about two of the four before the period ending and the rest carried over into the third.

In the third, 1:50 in to be exact, former Whales/Devil/Ranger Bobby Holik jabs faster than Ali in front of the net to slip the puck past Conk to tie it at two.  FYI - That'd be 60's Ali, not present day.  I'd hope the Pens' D could at least stop present day Ali.

With the game tied 2-2 and after many failed attempts from everyone on Pitt to get the puck to Sid for his third goal, the game heads to OT.  

OT comes and goes.


Sykora missed, but what else is new?  
Letang, previously 4-4 on the shootout tried his leg-kick-forehand shot and is stopped for the first time this year.  
Sid goes last and Lehtonen shows him how to play catch.  
Malkin was the saving grace and failed.  

Right before Malkin SOMEBODY shot the puck on the other side.  I don't want to talk about it.  Alls I can say is right after the red light flicked on the biggest "take that" grin was strewn across his face.

This picture is worth two if you leave out the pronoun