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Day Off? Not for the Pens

Following the 4-1 win over the Rangers on Monday, the Pens were set to have the next three days off until the Lightning come to town on Friday.  Perhaps Tuesday was a time for them to rest and relax, but Wednesday was not.

The Penguins visited Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital on Wednesday to sign autographs, hand out blankets and cheer up the sick patients at the hospital.  Class act.

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Max is the loser in Don't Wake Daddy.  It's scary I remember the name of that game...

"A lot of guys were looking forward to this. I was looking through the calendar to see when we were coming here since we do it once a year. I wish we could do it more often because I think it’s great for the kids and for the players," he said. "When you go back home and think about what you just did, it’s a great feeling and you feel fortunate. You hope for the best for everyone. I think these kids really enjoyed the day and we enjoyed it, too."
Max Talbot

Kris Letang builds Sid a car out of KNEX.

"I think it’s a day for the kids, really. For us to come here, hopefully, we can just change their mind a bit and give them something else to think about. It’s tough. They are facing a lot of adversity. A lot of them and their families are facing a lot of tough times. If we can come here and change their thoughts a bit and get them to laugh a little and talk about something different, I think we’ve done our part. You want kids to experience things and be happy and sometimes they sacrifice a lot because they’re here. I think some people may forget what their families are going through, too. If they can be a part of it and get a change of pace for a day, I think everyone enjoyed themselves."
Sidney Crosby

In 18 years that baby could be playing against a 38-year-old Crosby.

"You want to come into their rooms and bring a positive atmosphere and smile and laugh so they can forget the reason why they are here and the reason why they are in pain. That’s why we’re here and it’s something they are going to remember for a long time. A lot of them don’t have a chance to come see a hockey game, so that’s another reason why we take it really seriously and we’re so happy to come here."
Georges Laraque