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Slept on it...

I slept on it.

I'm ok now.

Tossing and turning violently in bed last night, vehemently cursing the man who didn't make rubber boards, I came to one conclusion that allowed me to finally shut my eyes.  Not many teams in the league have the ability to ask ANOTHER All-Star to step it up.  And, although he wasn't voted as an All-Star per se, Evgeni Malkin is going to show everyone within the next 4-6 week span exactly how much he deserved the nod from the league.

Some fear, and justified I might add, that the Sid injury takes us back to 2005.  This is a distinct possibility.

Similar to how it was really just Sid out there in 2K5, now it's just Malkin.  

Or is it?

Instead of Recchi he has Kennedy, instead of LeClair he has Malone.  Fleury is still benched, but instead of Thibault he has Conklin.  Gonchar wasn't exactly what you'd call productive in the 2005/06 season, be he sure as hell is now.  We have Laraque insetad of Surovy, Taffe instead of Palffy, Sykora instead of Rita.  Staal instead of...nevermind.  

Al Gore's brainchild, the Internet, was down for at least 20 minutes last night as every sports, news and message board was pounded with Crosby news.  Here are some of the posts.

Yahoo! Sports
ESPN - Who uses "thwart" in a headline...seriously?

Do we really need to worry?

I'm going to go against all criticism and say no.

But you can chime in at will.


The Pens will post at least a .500 record without Sid

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