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Crosby Out for 4 weeks...6 weeks...2 Months?!

Let's just say there is a lot of speculation and little we as fans, and even Sid as a player, can do about his injury.  It's not the sort of thing you can tape up and get back on the ice with.  It's also not the sort of injury you can hurry along with therapy and rehabilitation.  It's not the sort of thing he can play through, because further ligament damage would be way more disastrous than 4-6 weeks.

Yet despite a negative MRI on broken bones and torn ligaments/cartilage, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is writing that Sid will be out up to nearly two months.

Now I've never been one who completely believes the media.  More often than not it's misleading with regards to players' injuries.  Here we are though, amidst all of the newspapers, websites and reliable news sources and all we can muster up is that Sid will be out for...a while.  What was first said to be 4 weeks, turned to 4-6.  And now, the Tribune-Review is saying possibly even two months.  

In case you needed help with that; yes, it does practically bring us to the end of the season.  It takes Sid completely and utterly out of every scoring race, points race and at this point foot race.  

All fans at this point can do is sit and wait, and all Sid will do is sit and watch.

"I am going to be watching the games. If there is anything I feel I can add or help with, I will. I am not going to come to the dressing room pouting or in a grumpy mood. That is not going to be me. I don't feel sorry for myself, and I don't expect anybody else to."

Sidney Crosby - Trib-Review