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Pens vs Flyers Open Thread

Penguins (27-17-4) vs Flyers (26-16-5)
In Philadelphia at 7:00
Watch on FSN/Center Ice or listen at  Video is also available at Yahoo!.com

Flyers lead the series 3-0
Conklin's first start against the Flyers this season
Biron in net for the Flyers
Colby Armstrong is expected back in the lineup tonight after coming back from a bruised hip

Also, join me in welcoming Pensburgh's newest member Penskorn66.  Penskorn joins us from the great white north in the Buffalo/Toronto area but pledges his undying allegiance to the Pens.  Welcome Penskorn, our residential freak on a leash.

If you get here a bit earlier, then take a second to vote for Mario Lemieux to light the torch in the 2010 Olympics.  Some other hockey guy is up there, but whatever.(Thanks to ThePensblog for finding it)

Game on ladies and gents.