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Penguins vs Devils Preview/Open Thread

Penguins (27-18-4) vs Devils (28-18-3)
In New Jersey at 7:00
Watch on FSN/Center Ice or listen at  

I'm combining the preview and the open thread today because I'm shootin off to this game around 5ish.  So feel free to kickoff the open thread in this post.

On with the game notes...

Last time these two played the Devils walked away with a 2-1 victory thanks in part to Zach Parise's two goal game.  Malkin notched the only Pens goal.

Perhaps one of the most disappointing aspects of the last meeting between these two teams is that both Devils' goals came on the power play.  Ultimately the Devs had six attempts given to them from the Pens camp.

Again, similar to the last time the Pens played the Rangers, a lot has changed.  Fleury was in net for the last matchup.  And, although he played well enough to allow only two goals, the offense didn't play well enough to TOP two goals.  Tonight Conklin will stand between the pipes with hopes of leading the Pens to a much needed divisional victory.

Also worth mentioning (and I'm sure Pensburgh's Dunman will keep on this), but last time the Pens and Devils met Clarkson and Malone threw down exactly two seconds into the game.  Can we expect a rematch?

I suppose we'll find out soon enough tonight, as I yet again find myself a Pens fan in Devil country.

[EDIT: 4:46PM]
Colby sidelined with 'flu-like' symptoms.