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Penguins vs Panthers Open Thread

Pittsburgh Penguins(22-16-2) vs Florida Panthers (19-19-3)
In Pittsburgh at 3:00pm...yes, 3pm.
Watch on FSN/Center Ice or listen live at

Since the last open thread was such a resounding success we're going to keep going with them.  Thanks to all who came by, and remember - we're always happy to have more.

Sign up now and play along at home.  It's Pensburgh's second installment of an Open Game Thread, going on today at 3pm.

I plan on dropping in around 2:50ish and I'll stick around the entire game.  Just drop a message when you show up and we can begin with the banter.

Stats for Pensburgh*
The Pens are undefeated when Pensburgh has an open thread
At least one player has scored a hat trick when a Pensburgh open thread is in action
At least two fights have broken out on the ice during each Pensburgh thread
The Penguins have scored at least six goals per game since Pensburgh started open threads
The Flyers have been shutout every time on the day following a Pensburgh open thread

Do your part and sign up for your free account today.

*Stats subject to change.  So what if it only reflects a single previous thread.  The stats are stats and thats just the way it's going to be.  We hope and pray that all of said stats remain this way for the remainder of the season but we know that's ridiculous to think.  Here's to hoping the last one remains true for at least the next 40+ games.