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Malone and Sydor - 'A' O.K.

With the past month's loss of both Gary Roberts and Mark Eaton for the season, on top of the team's release of Mark Recchi, the Pens had a few vacant spots for alternative captains.

Not anymore.

The Penguins announced yesterday that both Ryan Malone and Daryl Sydor will alternate the 'A'.  Malone was awarded the alternative captainship for home games, while Sydor will be entrusted with it on the road.

Pittsburgh native Ryan Malone couldn't be happier.

"I don't think I'll change anything. I'll still go out and be myself," Malone said. "I think it's just a great honor, being from here, putting the sweater on and being looked at now as a leader is kind of special."
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

No direct quote from Sydor, but I'd suspect he has a certain boost to his morale.  Especially when you consider he was scratched for most of the first 30 games.  

Gonchar was promoted to permanent alternate captain, as he previously held similar sharing duties with Gary Roberts.

On a more personal note, it seems that the 'A' on the Pens is more like the scarlet letter.  It doesn't bode well for those who wear it.  Recchi was released, Eaton tore his ACL and Roberts broke his leg.  The only exception is Sergei Gonchar who, aside from a groin injury that sidelined him for three games, has been injury free.  Let's keep it that way please.

Malone and Sydor.  Obvious picks for the 'A'?  Who would you have nominated?