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Pittsburgh Penguins fall to New Jersey Devils 2-1 in OT

Tonight's account of the game is a bit more unique than the normal recaps on Pensburgh.

First off, I was only able to catch the first period (and only Pens goal apparently) of the game because my family and girlfriend took me out to dinner for my bday.  At first I was a bit annoyed because I make my Penguins schedule more than obvious on the calendar.  But it wound up being a surprise bash with tons of people and it really great time.

Read on for the confessions of a hockey addict...

But I wouldn't be an addict if I didn't need a score update.

My friend Matt (as he is known to many), approached me like a drug dealer looking for a score - which is exactly what I needed.  "Hey man," he said.  "You need a score for the game?"

"Yes" I insisted.

"No problem" he said. 

He then opened up his fancy flip phone and pulled up the stats, telling me that Pittsburgh was being out-shot 44-to-14 and the score was still 1-0 Pitt.  Of course, I am my own worst luck and the Devils scored on the 45th shot of the night.  I wish I could've seen Fleury's performance. 

I blame myself.

And you know what hurt even more?  The Pens couldn't even make it to the shootout.  38 seconds away and they give it up in OT. 

But alas, tonight was night my real birthday - that's Tuesday.  And if the Penguins want to make it up to me they can do so with a win over Philly.

For a more personal account of the game, check out HockeyJenn's post right here on Pensburgh.