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Scouting the enemy: Philadelphia Flyers

So far this season the Flyers have yet to muster up a win.  Instead of the front office focusing on repairs for their battered defensive corps, they instead opt to have female politicians drop the ceremonial first puck in efforts to express their political views to the fans.  Just for the record, Sarah Palin was booed. 

Their 0-2-0 start should come as no surprise to Flyers fans, as last season's success was just a fluke of traditional bullying and moderate scoring.  This is just Philly rolling back to mediocrity after a decent year.  Mike Richards, their newly appointed captain, is off to solid start though with two goals and one assist over those two games.  Hard as he may try, he still won't register more points than Sid.

Marty Biron, their below average goalie, has yet to let up less than three goals per game.  He must be too busy applying eyeliner.  Once a backup, always a backup.

Will the Flyers of this season bring their physical game to the ice tonight against the Pens?  I wouldn't doubt it - it's all they have.  But I'm also pretty confident the Penguins will light up Biron and have a field day in the offensive zone.  They have to.  After all, Flyers' defensemen Randy Jones, Derian Hatcher and Ryan Parent are all on the injured reserve.  This should pose as the ideal game for a Pittsburgh Penguins team that is struggling to find their offense and a rally point for team chemistry.