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Pittsburgh Penguins discuss the fallout in loss to Washington Capitals

It's games like this where I really admire players and their ability to handle the media.  Or maybe we just get the trickled down, pre-censored, "you have no idea what they really said" material.  Either way, let's take a look at what the Penguins actually managed to say about last night's game.

Here's the embedded audio from The Trib-Review.  You can really hear the frustration in Michel Therrien's voice.

Angered MT: "Do you really believe that I asked those guys to back up and just wait while Marc-Andre makes 20 saves?  Do you believe that?"

Nervous reporter: "I'm asking..."

Eesh, I don't want to be that guy.  Then again, I tend to have an issue with people who take "that" tone with me, so I might've said some sort of smart remark back that would've ultimately had me dragged out of the presser while kicking and screaming to no end.

"It can't happen.  We gave it back to them in the third. We didn't make them earn it. We tried to play too passive, and we didn't do little things that it takes to win hockey games.  We learned a tough lesson."

Sidney Crosby

Maybe that's at least the good thing we can take from this game - They learned a lesson.  And trust me, I'll be the first to say it would've been nicer to have them learn this lessons back in 2005/06, but I'll dismiss it for the sheer fact that it is still way early in the season and there's no reason to panic.  Mark my word - if they do this again in the playoffs I'll start offering straight jackets as giveaways.  Just let me know what size you need.

Whereas a lot of worries were focused around the power play last week, perhaps now we should turn some concern towards the 5-on-5.  The Pens have only scored in one game at even strength this season (Tuesday against the Flyers).  They can't assume every team will be as generous as the Capitals were with offering to remove a skater for bad behavior.  But hey, at least the PP is working.  Right?

"I don't [have an answer]... Ovechkin is a great player.  Every time he hits me, I don't know why."

Evgeni Malkin

I'll give Malkin the benefit of the doubt and say he knows hockey is a contact sport, so you can't take his quote for face value.  Plus, he's still learning the language and probably meant he doesn't know why Ovechkin goes after him on every shift.  But if Malkin and Ovechkin want to go at it then fine.  Last I checked Ovechkin didn't tally a point last night, so more power to Geno.  Take him off his game.  Just watch your back.

Here's something that hurts to think about: Up until last night the Penguins lost only once in regulation when leading after two periods.  I wish I could remember the game, but I'm going to say it was against the Avalanche last season.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Penguins opened up 2-0 over the Avs and then were dropped 3-2 by the final horn.